The Ketogenic Diet Mini-Course with Dr. Berg

I had another keto post planned, but, I’m struggling today, due to a severe case of keto induced insomnia, which I’ll talk about in my Fit by 50 journal on Thursday.  Due to sleep deprivation, I’m WAY behind schedule today….So, I decided to post Dr. Berg’s mini-course videos here for you. They are short, ranging from 5 – 12 minutes.  Look for my planned article: “Dirty keto vs Clean keto: Are you doing it right?”, next Monday. Okay…on with the course!



Why Does Keto Work?

Video overview (video length, 5:07)… This video discusses insulin resistance and how the ketogenic diet helps this issue. He says, if you’ve tried to lose weight, and the pounds stubbornly stay on, the keto diet is the one for you.

How To Do Ketosis

Video overview (video length, 8:07) – What to avoid and what to include in your new ketogenic diet eating plan. (one key to this…EAT 7-10 CUPS OF VEGGIES…DO NOT COUNT VEGGIE CARBS IN YOUR CARB COUNT!!)

How To Achieve Keto Adaption & Intermittent Fasting

Video overview (video length, 12:07)  In this video, he discusses the benefits of the keto diet, the adaptation period and how to avoid the keto flu. (hint…eat your veggies). Just FYI, the information portion of this video lasts approximately 8 minutes. After that, he discusses his book and supplements.

Closing thoughts…

I love this series. It’s very informative and quick to watch. (about the length of a sit-com in total). Don’t just jump into the KETO diet after watching this. I advise you to do your own research. I’ll be discussing my own keto journey on Thursday and will be posting another keto article next week.

Until next time… Namaste my friends


Dr. Berg understands that healthy weight loss is fast weight loss. For a specialized healthy weight loss plan based on your body type visit his website today.


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2 thoughts on “The Ketogenic Diet Mini-Course with Dr. Berg

  1. Wow, what an eye opener on the process of this diet. Good to know there are supplements to get you through the journey. I usually eat 80% raw foods and 20% protein. Lately, I have been doing 100% raw, but it’s hard in these frigid NYC temperatures. xx

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    1. Yes, there’s lots involved in the keto diet. So many ppl just jump in without research, not recommended. I tried a 100% raw diet once, I couldn’t do it. I highly respect anyone who can do it long term, cause it’s not easy. I try to fill half my plate with veggies, not always raw though. I admire your ability to stick to that type of diet. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 😊🙏

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