A guide to clean eating, including benefits and rules…Love this!

Wabi-Sabi Therapy

Clean eating is a modern term for a long-standing movement. Many people believe that purifying the way we eat enhances our health and energy levels.

Some of the earliest signs of this trend can be seen in the health food stores that cropped up in the 1960s. Now, mainstream culture has caught on to emphasising whole foods and cutting back on sugar.

What can clean eating do for you?

Benefits of Clean Eating

1. Take care of your health – Smart food choices reduce your risk for heart disease and certain cancers. You’ll also keep your body fit and strong.

2. Lose weight – Empty calories pack on extra pounds, especially as we grow older. Nutrient dense foods can help you eat less.

3. Enjoy flexibility – It’s difficult to stick to diets with a long list of forbidden foods. Clean eating lets you enjoy all different kinds of flavors…

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