Intermittent fasting and why everyone should be doing it

A great article on intermittent fasting, with wonderful sources.

Guidelines to Functional Logevity

What is intermittent fasting? 

Intermittent fasting is a revolutionary lifestyle change anyone can make. It involves cycling periods of eating and not eating, leading to a vast array of health benefits. Typically this method is performed by consuming all of your meals within an eight-hour window so that for an extended period of the day you are not consuming food or drink (outside of water). This can effortlessly be done; for example, an individual may choose to have their first meal at 12 pm and have their last at 8 pm. This is an easy way to improve lifespan and functionality, coming at the cost of only one meal per day.

How will fasting 16 hours affect weight loss? 

Intermittent fasting greatly affects weight loss by causing changes to your metabolism and hormonal processes. During extended periods of fasting insulin levels in the body begin to decrease. This leads to…

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