Fit by 50 – Week 38 & 39: The 21/90 Rule

This one will be quick, as I have an paper due on Sunday night, and I’m behind schedule. In fact, I just finished reading the 375 pages required for this section, but haven’t even begun my paper. You see, each course is 8 weeks long and typically broken down into 4 sections. Each section is about 14 days and includes reading, a few hours of online webinars/lectures and a 5 – 6 page paper, requiring impeccable research, and proper, legitimate sources. I typically calculate the number of pages of reading and break it up over a 10 day period, leaving the final 4 days for the paper. I should have started the research for my paper yesterday, but, due a resent illness, I’m behind schedule. Anyway, let’s get down to business, shall we?

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Have you ever felt like the universe was against you? or…maybe God was up in heaven thinking up ways to challenge you? Well, this journey to lose weight has been one challenge after another. Just as I set A NEW FOCUS in the last edition of this journal, I woke up with severe, I’M TALKING MAJOR, pains in my upper back.

For the past few weeks, I’ve had severe, almost debilitating pain in my back, between my shoulder blades. If is so strong and feels as if I’m being stabbed in the back. It was so bad, I could hardly move and was confined to my bed. I also had weakness, extreme fatigue, pain radiating down into my arms, and nausea.

I had a recent doctor appointment with blood work, so I know I’m physically okay, IE: no cancer or heart issues. I’ve done some research and here are some of the causes:

  • muscle strain
  • trauma
  • herniated disc
  • arthritis
  • heart attack
  • cancer
  • gallbladder disease
  • nerve entrapment
  • scoliosis

As I’ve said, I’ve ruled out anything serious, such as cancer or heart problems. My research indicates it’s one of two things, a herniated disc or stress/anxiety. I haven’t seen a doctor either. This is mainly because they really can’t do anything for a herniated disc other than prescribe hard core pain meds, (or even surgery in severe cases) which I won’t take anyway. AND, the only person who can fix my stress/anxiety issues is ME, especially since I refuse to take prescription medication. (IE: anti-anxiety meds) It’s bad enough that I have to take  over the counter pain meds simply to get out of bed, I won’t add to that. Though it still bothers me a bit, it finally started feeling better over the weekend. Which is good, because I told myself I’d have to go to the doctor if it wasn’t better by this week.

Valve Says "Hang In There" For Half-Life 2: Episode 3 ...

This latest challenge made me feel as if I should throw in the towel on this quest to get healthy by my 50th birthday. I wanted to quit, to give up! Do you want to know what kept me going? THIS WEEKLY JOURNAL and your loving support, has kept me in the game. I’m here, still plugging away, because I made a commitment to myself, and all of you, to lose weight, and get healthy by my 50th birthday.

Spending the past couple of weeks not moving much, has given me a lot of time to think about my plan and my goals. I know, that when the body is healthy, the weight loss will follow. I’ve been focusing so strongly on weight loss, that I can’t see the forest for the trees, so to speak. I’ve forgotten the most fundamental principles of holistic nutrition. My excess weight, along with my back pain are simply symptoms of a bigger issue. I need to find that bigger issue. I need to treat myself as a client, analyze my issues, maybe even order some lab tests, and write myself a treatment plan.

First a Habit, Next a Lifestyle | fitnessthree60

In the meantime, I’ve decided to take a new look to my “NEW FOCUS“. In my last journal entry, week 40, I wrote down 4 weekly goals, broken down into the 3 areas of whole body wellness – physical, mental and spiritual:


  1. In order to gain health, heal the body and lose weight, I will consume a 1500 calorie whole food, low carbohydrate diet,  which will be tracked with, beginning October 19, 2018 and ending October 25, 2018.
  2. In order to lose weight and gain health, strength and fitness, I will exercise 40 minutes a day, 5 days during the week, beginning October 19, 2018 and ending October 25, 2018. The daily exercise will include the following:
    1. HIIT exercises for 10 minutes a day
    2. 30 minutes of cardio exercises including walking, cycling, or elliptical.


  • In order to lower stress, as well as relax the mind and body, I will perform 20 minutes of yoga each morning 5 days during the week, beginning October 19, 2018 and ending October 25, 2018.


  • In order to strengthen my soul, relax my mind and create a vision for myself, I will meditate 15 minutes twice a day for 7 days, beginning October 19, 2018 and ending October 25, 2018.

As you can see, these 4 goals were for one week, which I failed at miserably due to my back. I decided that even just these 4 goals were to much to try and tackle in one week. I decided it was just too much change at once. SO, I’ve decided to break the goals down and do ONE GOAL EACH MONTH. It takes 21 days to create a habit. So doing each goal for 1 month should, theoretically, create a habit. After doing one goal for one month, I’ll add a 2nd goal, for one month…and so on.

It takes 90 days to create a lifestyle. SO, in 4 months, by March 1, 2019, I should have a new healthy lifestyle. (I hope) Since I believe proper nutrition is the key to fixing the issues going on in my body, I will start with the food goal – 1500 calories – whole food low carb – tracked through I’ll be adding one goal each week, such as drinking bone broth daily or eating fermented foods at each meal. I’ll keep you up to date.

Closing thoughts

Because of this weekly journal, and all of you, I’ve forced myself to rethink my plan and have discovered a new approach. I’ve tried the “be extreme and lose it quick” method…I’ve tried doing everything at once . None of that worked for me. I tend to get overwhelmed by too much new stuff at once. This new 21/90 approach will take longer, and require more patience, but it will be worth it in the end…I hope.

Until next time…Namaste my friends


8 thoughts on “Fit by 50 – Week 38 & 39: The 21/90 Rule

  1. These are fantastic goals. When you have time there is a wonderful book called You are the Placebo Effect by Joe Dispenza that I highly recommend you read. It discusses how our emotional state creates all these aches, pains, and diseases. It also ends with a mediation to try to heal. Sending much healing vibes! xx

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  2. Here is another way to look at it. If you are even slightly healthier on your 50th than you were at 49 then you are trending in the right direction. Life, and especially a healthy life, is a journey – not a race. Just keep treking in the right direction and you’ll get there.

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    1. You are very right. I have recently realized I was focusing so closely on the weight loss, I got a bit lost and forgot it was about health, not weight loss. When I begin to heal, the weight will come off. Thanks for the encouragement. ❤️🙏


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