Tension Myositis Syndrome: Stress & Pain Between Shoulder Blades

I had another article in mind, one for my pioneer recipe series, however I’m a bit under the weather. For the past few weeks, I’ve had severe, almost debilitating pain in my back, between my shoulder blades. If is so strong and feels as if I’m being stabbed in the back. I had a recent doctor appointment with blood work, so I know I’m physically okay, IE: no cancer or heart issues. I’ve done some research and here are some of the causes:

  • muscle strain
  • trauma
  • herniated disc
  • arthritis
  • heart attack
  • cancer
  • gallbladder disease
  • nerve entrapment
  • scoliosis

While gallbladder disease, a herniated disc, or nerve issues are a possibility, a more likely cause is stress. I’ve found an article on something called Tension Myositis Syndrome. Here is a quote from the article:

This syndrome is the brain distracting the body from an emotional stress by restricting the flow of oxygen [to] muscles in the body.

In most cases, it’s the lower back.  In some cases, migraine headaches; and even in some cases, it is the pain between shoulder blades.

I haven’t had a sinus migraine for weeks, for which I am eternally grateful, however, it appears to have moved down my spine to my shoulder blades. The difference is, I can get rid of my migraines with pain meds, such as Excedrin Migraine. The back pain doesn’t respond to anything. I’ve been spending much of my time switching between heating pads and ice packs. Looks like some mental exercises are in order! Isn’t it amazing how mental stress can have such a strong influence on a physical level?

HERE IS THE MAIN ARTICLE, FROM: TensionMyositisSyndrome.org

I think everyone can say that they felt it at least once – pain between shoulder blades. You’re sitting at your job, you’ve had a particularly stressful day …

For the full article follow this link: Pain Between Shoulder Blades

Until next time,

Namaste and God bless!



  1. https://www.verywellhealth.com/pain-between-shoulder-blades-2248950

3 thoughts on “Tension Myositis Syndrome: Stress & Pain Between Shoulder Blades

  1. I use to get This pain, it was so sever it incapacitated me for weeks at a time. It was muscle pain that throbbed and if my heart rate got up, it throbbed harder. It was so bad I wanted to end my life, nothing helped massage, chiropractors, physiotherapist. I couldn’t find anyone that ever had it or anything online.
    Then I a horrible bout of it just before I was scheduled to get a gum graft at a Periodontist, I was so upset I was shaking uncontrollably and decided I needed some sort of pharmaceutical help. My Dr prescribed a mild dose of Lorazepan and the pain was gone within two days. I never attributed it to stress and I now know I have anxiety. I only use the med now when I am feeling anxious. I am happy to say… I haven’t had the muscle pain now in year.

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