The Purple Almond Hall of Fame – Finding French Charming

An announcement before I get into the main post…

I’d like to tell you that I’m taking a blogging vacation for the next 10 days. I am currently on a break from school and would like to take the next 10 days to give my brain a break. After I complete a class, my brain has been worked quite hard and feels a bit like jello. 😊 🤣 I have no major plans, other than to relax and spend time with family. This is a necessary form of stress relief for me.

Therefore, there will be no main posts from Thursday, September 20 through Sunday, September 30, 2018.  There will be morning recipes and evening quotes through Friday, September 21, 2018, since they are completed and already scheduled. However, there will be no posts at all next week. I will be back with all posts on Monday October 1, 2018. My next Fit by 50 post will be on Thursday, October 4, and will combine weeks 42 through 44. 

Now, onto the main post…


I was recently nominated for a Sunshine Blogger Award, by KKatch22 at the blog Finding French Charming. Thank you so much, KKatch22, for this wonderful award. I feel truly blessed to be honored by fellow bloggers, such as you.

When it comes to blogger awards, I do things a bit different. Instead of focusing on the award, I focus on the person and blog who nominated me. I like to acknowledge, and bring attention to the kind people who nominate me for awards.


The Purple Almond Hall of Fame was established as a way of honoring those bloggers who wish to bless The Purple Almond with a blogger award. When this blog is nominated for an award, the nominating blog will have their blog permanently placed on the hall of fame page, along with a link to that blog.

All about Finding French Charming

With dreams of moving to the city, living in a high rise, driving a convertible and becoming a doctor all fulfilled, there was one dream left for KKatch22, to find love. Many people would turn bitter about love, after two marriages ended in divorce, but she never gave up.

After what KKatch22 calls “bad boyfriends, disastrous dates”, she finally turned to online dating, where she learned a lot about herself. Soon, one night, she met “the one” and her new life of “awesome adventure” began.  Here is a quote from her “about” page:

I created Finding French Charming at the end of January, 2018.  I wanted to write about my experiences, my thought processes, my failed attempts at love and happiness, and my eventual success so that other people going through the same thing might know they are not alone.  It took me over 40 years to find “Mr. Right” or Prince “French” Charming, so I know it’s possible!  Good things do come to those who wait, but you have to make sure you put yourself out there.”

Here are some articles from this wonderful website:

Finally! The day has arrived!

(KKatch22 meets her French Charming in person)

open door

After “The Kiss” 

(Find out what happened after their first kiss!)



The Porcelain Throne –

Continuing the Modern Day Fairy Tale

(Meeting French Charming’s Mother!)

Le Canon toilet 1

Closing thoughts…

I’d like to close out this post simply by saying I highly recommend you head over to, and read about her dating adventures. She has a wonderful and engaging writing style that draws you into her story. You want to keep reading to find out what happens next.

THANK YOU, KKatch22, FOR THE NOMINATION! I absolutely love your blog. It’s been so much fun reading about your adventures with French Charming. You are an extremely talented writer.  I agree with those that say you should write a book. I, for one, would absolutely buy it. I wish only the best for both of you.

Until next time… Namaste my friends


To read the original award article, follow this link: Sunshine Blogger Award – Finding French Charming

8 thoughts on “The Purple Almond Hall of Fame – Finding French Charming

      1. I feel ya!! I’m in a bit of a writing drought as I have been in the process of transferring jobs and looking for a new place to live in a new city….still not with French Charming. I hope you enjoyed your time off and thank you again for your hall of fame recognition. ☺️

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