Matcha Green Tea…Traditional Preparation Method (and three alternatives)

This week, I’m focusing on Matcha tea preparation and recipes. For more information on the incredible health benefits of matcha tea, FOLLOW THIS LINK.

I drink Matcha tea on a regular basis, so I decided to splurge and purchase traditional tools used in Japan to prepare this beautiful tea. (see below). Strictly speaking, they aren’t necessary to make a good cup of Matcha. However, I’ve made it with just a spoon, and the traditional way is much easier.

If you’ve ever had Matcha tea, you’ll know it comes in a powder form, but doesn’t easily dissolve into water like other powders. That’s because it’s not actually a powder, but very finely ground tea leaves. That’s why the traditional method works so much better. The scoop is the perfect measuring spoon for the powder, while the whisk blends the powdered leaves into the water beautifully. The other little wooden spoon is used to stir the tea as you drink it, and the powdered leaves settle to the bottom.

If you’re interested in purchasing these traditional tools, you can find them on AMAZON.


Below, you’ll find a short video showing the

traditional method

or preparing the tea and how to use the traditional Japanese tools.

If you’d like to drink the Matcha, but don’t want to bother with the tea sets and whisk, here’s a video with

2 alternatives!

Here’s one other method…

using a chopstick, bowl and spoon.

Until next time…Namaste my friends!


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