What’s Your Nutritional Type? (FREE online quiz & e-cookbook)

As a future holistic nutrition consultant and educator, I am learning that there is no such thing as a “bad diet” or “good diet” for all humanity. What you quickly learn when studying holistic nutrition, is everyone is unique, and what is good for one person, may be incredibly bad for another person. We learn the concept of “biochemical individuality.” Basically what this means is there is no one perfect eating plan for all humans…it means that every human being has a unique food plan and eating style unique to them and their biochemistry.

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So, this leads me to tell you that carbs aren’t bad….fat isn’t bad…Certain body types prefer carbs, while other body types prefer fat and protein,  AND, still other body types like a combination of both.

Obviously, there is much more to it than that, because you need to break it down into micronutrient deficiencies, DNA issues, digestive issues, joint issues….whew, there’s so much involved. Suffice it to say, don’t demonize any of the macronutrients. Your body needs them all in some form or fashion.

On the most basic level, what it comes down to, is which foods YOUR body prefers. Some people do well with Atkins/keto style diets, while other flourish on vegan/vegetarian/high carbohydrate style diets. Nutrition professionals refer to this as your “nutritional type or ID”.


What is a nutritional type?

A nutritional type is a way of eating that is unique to the individual, and allows the body to properly metabolize food, and optimize nutrient absorption. Nutrient types are broken down into THREE CATEGORIES:

  1. PROTEIN TYPE – Large amounts of protein and fats, with small amounts of carbs
  2. CARB TYPE – Large amounts of HEALTHY carbs (mostly vegetables) with small amounts of protein and fat.
  3. MIXED TYPE –  Equal amounts of all three. This one is a hybrid of the other two.


Through research and experience, Dr. Joseph Mercola, and others who use this method, have found approximately equal amounts of people in each group. They’ve also found that protein types tend to get sick more frequently. This is because the standard American diet (SAD) is VERY high in carbohydrates, and protein types who eat the SAD diet will suffer because of it.

When you understand your unique type, you will select foods which will be the most healing for your body. The theory behind nutritional typing is that the body will be eating proper foods, absorbable by the body, which leads to increased energy, ideal weight, and improved health.



What’s your nutritional type?


to take

Dr. Mercola’s


Nutritional Type Test!

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 11.44.18 PM.png

The test only takes a couple of minutes. This test is similar to the test we’re taught to use with future clients to determine a food plan, and the beginnings of a treatment. First, you’ll sign up for a mercola.com account, which is free, no credit cards needed. After you sign up for an account, you’ll be taken to the test link. You’ll see a video (the video below), then click a link and take the test. After the test, you’ll be told your nutritional type, as well as given a link to a type description, BUT, you get other free items as well!

  • food chart/instructions
  • food list
  • free 367 page e-cookbook

Here, Dr. Mercola discusses the nutrition type, the test and what you get after the test.

Closing thoughts!

I’ve taken this quiz in two different forms, three different times. I’ve taken one through my school, with Depke Wellness, as well as the one above with Dr. Mercola. Though there are a few differences, both tests and eating plans are very similar AND, my results were the same for both tests. Stay tuned on Thursday for my next edition of “Fit by 50” to find out what MY NUTRITIONAL TYPE is and what I’ll be eating! (AND, if I lost any weight!)


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