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As children, we always look forward to the lazy, hazy days of summer. For me, it meant bike riding with my best friend, swimming, sleeping late, and relaxing. However, as adults, we don’t often have that same luxury. Summer is often seen as a relaxing time, but it rarely works out that way.

As a stay at home Mom, summers were always one of the most stressful times of year. The quiet I enjoyed during the year, disappeared when summertime hit. While I absolutely LOVE and adore being around my kids, there is a certain amount of stress, when they are home, all day, every day, running, being loud, often fighting, asking questions, etc. There’s also the pressure to keep them busy. This is also the “family vacation” time of year, which is, itself a lesson in stress.

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According to an article by Health Central, approximately 1/3 of Americans find summer to be a stressful time of year. (I guess I’m not alone.) The article states that most people get less sleep in the summer, adding to the stress of the season. An increase in social engagements and activity is listed as the main reason for a lack of sleep. Vacation planning and caring for children were listed as other reasons.

How, then, do we deal with summer stress? Here are some of the tips, according to Health Central, and professional life coach Dr. Jaime Kulaga.

  1. Keep priorities straight. Many people, especially women take on extra tasks in the summer. Other than caring for your children, don’t take on extra duties and learn to say no.
  2. Stay active. Spend time outdoors, enjoying the wonderful summer weather.
  3. Take care of your bodyTry to get enough sleep, if possible. Eat a healthy and light whole food diet and drink plenty of water.
  4. Stay present in the moment People leading busy lives tend to worry about future events. These events are out of your current control. Stay focused on the task at hand. Learn mindfulness techniques.
  5. Focus on you and your familyTurn off ALL electronic devices and spend quality time with your loved ones. Dr. Kulaga says that being constantly “connected” causes us to worry about everyone else. Disconnecting helps us focus on the present and our loved ones.
  6. Take time to do activities you enjoyMake sure to take time to take care of yourself. Take some time, every day, by yourself. Relax, meditate, do yoga, do anything that helps you relax and enjoy your time alone.

To help you relax, especially with the last tip, I have gathered a few summer guided meditation videos. Whether you use these, or find your own way unwind, take some time to enjoy yourself, and have a wonderful and relaxing summer.

Until next time…Namaste my friends.


Guided Meditations:

Let in the Summer Light

The Summer Meadow

Summer Solstice

For the main article, follow the link below

Source: Tips for Managing Summer Stress – Anxiety | HealthCentral

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