How to Follow Negative News Without Getting Depressed

After a major life changing event 20+ years ago, I developed the personal life philosophy that “Everything happens for a reason”.  Integral to this philosophy is this: hidden within that reason is a life lesson to be learned.

Since accepting this philosophy into my life, I try to apply it to the challenges that inevitably creep into my life. I’m not always successful as this is sometimes easier said than done. That said,  simply saying “Everything happens for a reason. What is the reason for this challenge?” is therapeutic.

“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are” (5).png

Now, something you need to understand is that FINDING the reason isn’t the helpful aspect of this philosophy. To be honest, in many instances, you may never know the real reason. That isn’t saying the reason doesn’t exist, it’s just difficult to find sometimes. THE SEARCH FOR THE REASON is the therapy, ALWAYS. As the above quote states, happiness, after all, is the journey, it isn’t and never has been a destination. The lesson,  the search, the journey,  the experience, IS the reason and the lesson.

Until I read the following article this morning, it never occurred to me to apply these things to occurrences outside my personal life experience, like world events and reading the news. We all know the news, especially lately, is negative. Reading the news is definitely a depressing experience. I’ve tried avoiding the news, but I am always drawn back. I’m curious by nature and like to be informed. But, it is always depressing. In fact, looking for happy, “feel-good” news, is what led me to the article below. This article discusses one man’s “light bulb moment”, when he realized how he could read the  news, without getting depressed.

Take a look:

Spoiler alert: it is possible for spiritually-minded individuals to follow current events without feeling discouraged or depressed.

Source: How to Follow Negative News Without Getting Depressed


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