Busting the (Whole) Grain Myth – UC Davis Integrative Medicine

With the back and forth of grains, no grains, things can get a bit confusing. Many people are sensitive to grains, and should remove them from the diet. But, does that mean that everyone should stay away from grains?

Personally, I do avoid grains, because of a food sensitivity. I did an elimination diet about one year ago, to discover which foods aggravate my sinus migraines. Unfortunately, grains are on that list. But, I believe most people can safely eat grains, as long as they are prepared properly. Our ancestors who ate grain, typically soaked and fermented them, prior to eating. This helps the body digest them more easily.

Overall, what is the consensus on grains? Should you be eating grains? Are grains bad? Can humans digest grains? All this and more can be found in this interesting article from UC Davis – Integrative medicine. Here, they dispel some of the myths surrounding grains.

Have a look:

Exploring the nutritional controversies surrounding whole grain: does it make you fat, should you include it in your diet, and more.

Source: Busting the (Whole) Grain Myth – UC Davis Integrative Medicine

6 thoughts on “Busting the (Whole) Grain Myth – UC Davis Integrative Medicine

  1. Thanks for the info. I found out a few years ago I was sensitive to gluten. The test was simple and results amazing. In my case, I eliminated gluten (BBQ sauces, gravies etc.) and my eye puffiness was reduced. I had not realized the “tired” look was due to swollen sinuses due to gluten, along with small arm rashes, and slightly puffy tummy. When I stopped eating gluten, I looked refreshed in the eyes, pants weren’t slightly snug and a few pounds disappeared with ease. Now if I have it, not only does it all return, but I sneeze and itch a lot too. I then have think back, did I eat something coated in flour that I had to add to my “avoid” list.

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    1. You’re welcome. Yes, gluten does that to me as well. Unfortunately for me, not just gluten, but all grains. This is one of the first things I look at, when someone comes to me with digestive or allergy issues.


      1. All grains, hum….I haven’t thought of that. Going to have to do more eliminations to check that with me cause the nose runs unexpectedly sometimes after eating. That might be the reason. Going to monitor it. Thanks.

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      2. Yes, the protein structure in most grains are very similar, especially wheat/corn/oats. This means if you have a problem with gluten, your body could have an issue with others as well. Let me know how it goes. 😊


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