1 minute videos: Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea

This week for 1 minute videos,

I’m focusing on some of the world’s healthiest teas.

Today…Hibiscus Tea


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Hibiscus tea is made from the hibiscus flower. According to my research, the tea is sour and sometimes called “sour tea”, with  a flavor slightly reminiscent to cranberry.

Going into this week of covering different types of tea, I assumed that matcha tea  probably had the highest anti-oxidant content. But, after watching a video from nutritionfacts.org, I may have been mistaken. Could Hibiscus be healthier?

According to the video, a study done in 2011 on the anti-oxidant content of 3100 foods, shows that HIBISCUS TEA has a higher anti-oxidant content than MATCHA TEA!

Yes, you read that right.

The study looked at the anti-oxidant content of  283 beverages.

The video reviewed a few, here’s how they scored: (1)

  • Scoring 0
    • water
    • Red bull
  • Scoring  1
    • Pepsi
    • Coke
    • Milk
  • Scoring 5
    • white wine
  • Scoring 13
    • Red tea
  • Scoring 23
    • Black tea
  • Scoring 36
    • Green tea
  • Scoring 38
    • Red wine
  • Scoring 39
    • Grape juice
  • Scoring 40
    • Espresso
  • Scoring 47
    • Coffee
  • Scoring 100
    • Matcha Tea
  • Scoring 132
    • HIBISCUS TEA!!!!

Wow! Who knew? 

See the infographic and today’s 1 minute video below for other health benefits.

The video below is not the video sited above.

If you’re interested in seeing the sited video,


That’s it for our week of tea! I hope you enjoyed this and learned something new.

Until next time…

Namaste my friends.




  1. Healthier than green tea?

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