Chocolate Flourless Cake “Torta Caprese” (GF)

I really shouldn’t be looking at recipes like this on the eve of a 7 day fast, but this looks absolutely AMAZING!!! I’ll be making this for my next birthday I think. YUM! 😋

cake 7

Going to school Downtown Toronto I am able to explore all the bakeries and restaurants my heart desires. I came across Sud Forno one day for lunch and tried their torta caprese cake. Labelled simply as a chocolate flourless cake and I was inspired. Instead of flour they use ground almonds! 

It is a rich and soft chocolate cake bursting with flavour. I knew I wanted to learn how to make it for friends and family. I used Epicurious’ Chocolate Almond Torte recipe. One of the simplest recipes for torta caprese I found online – and it turned out delicious. The cake is perfect for people who want something a bit different from their average chocolate cake and it’s gluten-free.

Let’s Bake!

1. Grind your nuts

Cake 1

I purchased my blanched whole almonds from my local bulk store (bulk barn). Putting them in a mini food processor was the quickest…

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