Grateful Thoughts: Christy Birmingham ~ When Women Inspire

Today’s Grateful Thoughts (aka: Thankful Thursday) is a bit unusual, in that I have TWO articles, highlighting TWO followers, instead one, as is the norm. I’m highlighting the winners of my CELEBRATING 2000 FOLLOWERS give-a-way. The first article was on the other winner, Jo Ann Maxwell, which you can find HERE.

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The second winner I’m highlighting is:

Christy Birmingham

When Women Inspire


Christy, a blogger, poet and author, is the founder of Christy’s blog is dedicated to highlighting the endeavors of women from around the world, who are changing the world in positive ways.

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The idea began in 2014, when Christy became aware of amazing women “in action” around the world. She was also aware there was not one central place to find information about all of these amazing women and WHEN WOMEN INSPIRE was born.


Christy is also the author of TWO poetry books.

The first book is called Versions of the Self. You can find a copy on AMAZON (I just purchased a copy for myself! YEAH!! I am a big fan of poetry! Can’t WAIT to get it!) Here is a description of the book from Christy’s blog:

“Imagine a shift to the way you see the world that arises through poetic narration. Imagine the world, at its base level, is a collection of selves. These selves collide, disperse, intermingle, and share themselves in lines of free verse.”


The second book is called Pathways to Illumination, which is available through Redmund ProductionsHere is a description of the book from Christy’s website:

“Follow the trail of a woman’s journey from the end of an abusive relationship to the valiant growth of a newly-awakened, independent spirit.”


Christy’s articles cover a variety of topics, from health and feminism to arts and sports with everything in between. Below, I am highlighting my three favorite categories:







So, take a minute, head over and have a look around Christy’s blog. There is so much to see, so much to learn and so much inspiration.

I’d like to take this opportunity to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to Christy for following me and taking the time to support my blog. You are an amazing and talented writer, who I’m honored to have as a follower and new friend. You’re blog is such an inspiration to people everywhere. Thanks for what you do. God bless you my friend.

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