Healthy Food Tips: The Benefits of Yacon

We are down to the final four superfoods listed in the David Wolfe Book ~

Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future

I found a free PDF copy of the book HERE.

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What is Yacon? (1)

Also known as the “earth apple”, Yacon is a sweet tasting root, which is grown in the Andes in South America. The texture is similar to an apple, with a flavor similar to a carrot/apple combination. Humans in the Andes have  been using this root since 1200 BC. Yacon is related to the Sunflower and Jerusalem Artichoke.



Health Benefits of Yacon (1)

  1. Contains inulin, which is a complex sugar known as a fructooligosaccharide. (FOS). This type of sugar cannot be digested by humans, and there for is not absorbed into the blood stream
  2. Doesn’t spike blood sugar
  3. Low in calories
  4. One of the healthiest sugar alternatives available
  5. Diabetics can enjoy this “sugar” without the sugar spike
  6. The FOS feeds the good bacteria in the large intestines, which in turn aids in digestion and a healthy colon.
  7. Reduce cholesterol
  8. Reduce high blood pressure

Source (1)

How to use it:

It is available as “chips”, as a powder or flour, syrup and capsules. The type you buy, depends on the use. It can be used to sweeten anything from cookies and cakes to tea and smoothies.

Where to find it:

I found syrup, capsules and powders on AMAZON







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