Have you checked out my resources?

So far, 2018 has been sketchy at best for me. I’m consistently behind on homework, my blog and newsletter. And, the trend continues today. I took time off from my blog during February to get back on track with school, which I did, only to fall victim to the flu and fall behind once again. Last week, 3 of the 4 people in my home, including myself, got sick with the flu. For obvious reasons, my focus was on my family and myself, instead of school and blogging.  For only the second time since starting school in September, 2015, I’ve had to ask for an extension on a school assignment. My current assignment, which is 3/4 complete, was due a week ago. My plan is to turn it in tonight, and then try to get caught up on reading.

Normally I’d be posting an ULTIMATE GUIDE TO NUTRIENTS post today, however, those take a tremendous amount of time to research and write properly. So, since time is of the essence, I’ve gone a different direction today- bring awareness to my RESOURCES page.

Occasionally, I’m contacted by different websites, with requests to be added to my RESOURCES page. Up until today, I’ve turned all of them down. Most sites that contact me are simply gimmicky sales sites, masquerading as information sites. I’m VERY picky about what goes on this page. This morning, I received an email from Samantha at drugrehab.com. She brought to my attention a Nutrition Recovery Guide, asking that it be placed on my resources page, which I have indeed done, along with a link to the drugrehab.com site. The nutrition guide, as well as the website in general, is a tremendous resource for drug and alcohol addiction. They have information on all types of addiction, the treatment process, as well as other resources and answers to frequently asked questions. I was proud and honored to be asked to add this wonderfully informative page to my website.

My resource page began with only a handful of sites and has grown to 57 different websites (As of this posting). The resources include sites for allergies, herbalism,  and supplements, as well as most government nutrition sites and much, much more.

I hope you find this page useful. If you have a website you believe should be included on this page, leave a comment or shoot me an email!

Follow this link to my Resources

I’m back to writing my paper! Wish me luck! Have a wonderful day everyone!

Namaste my friends!



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