Healthy Food Tips: 10 Benefits of Royal Jelly

We continue our discussion this week on superfoods from the book:



By: David Wolfe

I found a free PDF version of this book HERE.

Next up Bee Products– Bee products consist of raw honey, Bee Pollen, royal jelly and propolis. I’ll be breaking this up individually. Next – ROYAL JELLY


Royal Jelly is the exclusive food for the queen bee. The nurse bees produce the jelly and feed to select larvae, which then turn into queen bees. All the larvae begin the same, the only difference being what they are fed. The queen bee only eats royal jelly during her lifetime, which is 40x longer than a worker bee. She is also bigger and stronger than all other bees.


Health benefits of royal jelly include:

  1. Complete nutrition – containing all vitamins, minerals and amino acids needed
  2. Natural anti-biotic properties
  3. Anti-aging properties
  4. Improve memory
  5. Healthy skin
  6. Anti-inflammatory properties
  7. Lowers cholesterol
  8. Improve heart health
  9. Lower blood pressure
  10. Improve symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease

Here is a video explaining these benefits and much more.

2 thoughts on “Healthy Food Tips: 10 Benefits of Royal Jelly

    1. I’ve never heard that about bee stings, interesting. I’ll have to look into that. Yes, bee products are amazing indeed. Superior sources of nutrition. Power packed with everything we need. I’ll continue with this superfood series next week. Monday I’ll post about propolis. I’m so glad you find it interesting. 👍🙏😊


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