Healthy Food Tips: 10 Health Benefits of Maca Root

We continue our discussion this week on superfoods from the book:



By: David Wolfe

I found a free PDF version of this book HERE.

Next up : Maca Root (powder)

A root that is in the same family as cabbage and broccoli (But tastes quite good!)…A root that’s an “adaptogen” or a plant that helps the body adapt to stress…A root that helps you lose weight, prevent diabetes, boosts immunity, and much more. It sounds pretty good right? Almost too good? Well, here is MACA ROOT! Most frequently seen in a powdered form.


Maca Root  AKA: Peruvian Ginseng has TONS of health benefits, but here are just 10 of them

  1. Helps to lose weight
  2. Boosts the libido
  3. Prevents diabetes
  4. Improve heart health
  5. Fights anemia
  6. Strengthens the immune system
  7. Fights osteoporosis
  8. Helps during menopause
  9. Improves fertility
  10. Improves a sense of well being

The following video goes into a bit more detail on these benefits


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