Healthy Food Tips: 10 Benefits of Goji Berries

Good Morning Everyone! Happy Monday!

This week,

we are going to be focusing on

superfoods from the book –



By: David Wolfe

I found a free PDF version of this book HERE.

First up – GOJI BERRIES  (AKA: Wolf Berries or Lycium Berries)

Five or ten years ago, these little gems were unheard of, however, today they are everywhere. But just why are these little orange balls of power so healthy? Here are 10 from the video below:

  1. Boost brain power and prevent neurodegenerative disease
  2. Detoxify the liver
  3. Boost fertility
  4. Ease mood and improve quality of sleep
  5. Improve eye health
  6. Balance blood sugar levels
  7. Boost the immune system
  8. Beautify skin
  9. Prevent heart disease
  10. Boost energy

But Goji Berries are so expensive!

Yes, if you buy them as GOJI BERRIES. However, did you know you could go to any Asian market and by them as LYCIUM BERRIES for about the price of raisins? Cool huh?!

Here is a video which will give you more details on the 10 benefits of GOJI BERRIES


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