The Purple Almond Hall of Fame: Zen Body Cafe (5)

The next inductee into The Purple Almond Hall of Fame is Christi from The Zen Body Cafe: Living Healthy Naturally. In October, 2017, Christie nominated me for The Sunshine Blogger Award. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the nomination. I apologize for the long delay in replying to your nomination.



Christie is the Owner of Zen Body Cafe, a business that sells handmade, natural bath, body and home products…

“…without harsh chemicals, dyes, parabens, preservatives etc. Good products for a healthy body & home. My blog is to reach out and help educate and share the information I have acquired through study and research. My goal is to make and offer healthier products at an affordable price! Together, we can try to live a healthier life naturally!”

Christie, from Kansas City, Missouri, says she has been trying to improve the quality of her life and that of her family. Her son is allergic to many things, so she stared researching, reading labels, and looking for healthy foods, devoid of GMO’s and toxins. It seems he was allergic to just about anything to clean his skin.

So, she made her own, by mixing bits of things together. She now has a line of bath and body products without any harsh chemicals. The best part of the whole journey is that her son’s skin has improved.

Here are a few of her articles:

Let’s talk Calendula


Benefits of hemp


Remineralizing Herbal Tooth Powder

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 11.48.24 AM.png


If you are interested in purchasing some of her products, you can find them on her ETSY page HERE:


As you might imagine, given the nature of my blog, I too am an advocate of natural product. However, I am only now venturing into the wide world of essential oils, and the blending and mixing with carrier oils to make skin care products.

Thank you, once again, Christie for your kind nomination. I am always humbled by the acknowledgement of my fellow bloggers. I have placed a permanent link to your page my Hall of Fame page, which you can find HERE. God bless and namaste my friend.

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