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Welcome to the inaugural edition of The Purple Almond Hall of Fame posts. Because I am an award free blog, I established this series as a way of honoring the wonderful and talented bloggers who nominate me for awards. Instead of answering each individual award per the usual route, I will be logging each individual onto my Hall of Fame page and writing an article about each. This series will not be posted on a set schedule. Anytime I am nominated, I will post the Hall of Fame article(s) once a month on Thankful Thursday. Today, I have 3 entries, so I best get started. You can see the Hall of Fame page and receive more information on this series, by following this link.

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The first inductee into The Purple Almond hall of fame is Grace from That Feeling Inside. Grace nominated me for a Liebster Award way back in July, 2017! I would first like to apologize to Grace for taking so long to reply to her wonderful nomination.

Grace is a 21 year old blogger from the U.K. She says she really “likes chatting and having a laugh. Generally most of the day you can probably find me just joking around with someone or talking to them about the most random subjects.” She claims to be “a bit of a mess,” 90% of the time. However, anyone who works full time, as well as maintains a blog, is a pretty with it person.

Her articles includes topics such as:











Thank you so much Grace for nominating me for the Liebster award.  I am so honored you chose me as a recipient. You have a beautiful blog, with a wonderful writing style. You can find a link to your name in my little Hall of Fame HERE, where it will remain, indefinitely. I wish you continued success. God bless and Namaste my friend.

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