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This final edition of the hall of fame highlights the blog Ingrid Madison Ave. In December, 2017, she nominated me for a Liebster award. Thank you so much for the nomination! I truly appreciate it. It humbles me to know my words have an impact on so many people. Thank you again!!


Ingrid is a former model who resides in New York. She uses her 28 years of dating and living experience…

“…to empower, inspire and enlighten men and women to live their happiest life ever.”

She is a versatile writer, who’s topics include: dating, relationships, beauty, luxury travel, and technology.

Here are a few of her articles:

First date ideas to make a stellar first impression

2ef31d631db6611f9ce79d3ff6acfc58 (1).jpg

Free beauty apps you need in your life.


DIY aspirin mask for instant acne relief


5 Goals every woman should set for herself


Thank you so much Ingrid. I truly, appreciate your nomination. I’m so glad you enjoy my blog. Your blog is wonderful. I love the clean, sharp look with the sophisticated and colorful photos. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your articles. You are a talented writer. I have permanently placed a link to your blog on my Hall of Fame page, which you can find HERE. Thanks again! God bless and Namaste my friend.

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