Announcing- The Purple Almond Awards Hall of Fame


As of January 24, 2017, I went award free. However, on occasion, I continue to receive award nominations from brilliant bloggers. And, on occasion, I have accepted award nominations, despite my award free status. This is mainly because I wish to honor those bloggers that go through the trouble of reaching out and nominating me.

So, after visiting other bloggers who are award free, mainly the blog Soul Gifts, I stole some ideas and decided to honor those nominations in a different way. Thus, I am starting…

The Purple Almond Hall of Fame

I established this page as a way of honoring those bloggers who wish to bless The Purple Almond with a blogger award. If I am nominated for an award, the nominating blog will have their blog site permanently placed on The Purple Almond Hall of Fame Page, along with a link to that blog. The Purple Almond will also write an entire post dedicated to the nominating blog, which will highlight the author(s), and articles of that blog. This article will be posted as a part of my normal Thankful Thursday post.

So, stay tuned on January 18, 2018, Thankful Thursday, as I launch my Hall of Fame, with the first two entrants.

Have a great day everyone!

God  bless! Namaste!


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