10 Recipes to Transform Your Leftovers

Hello everyone…I just wanted to share my Thanksgiving leftovers list from 1 year ago. This is the first “recipe” list I ever did. I hope you enjoy it.

What do you like to make

with your left overs?

God bless…Namaste!


Ok, by now…if you have any turkey left…you are quite tired of it. That being said, I think it goes without saying, that these recipes aren’t just for leftover turkey. One of my kitchen rules, “use what you have on hand.” If you have leftover chicken, even rotisserie chicken from the store,  pork or perhaps leftover Sunday roast, feel free to swap it out. If you’re vegetarian, tofu or beans would work. Just FYI, if you swap out the turkey, in favor of beef, use beef broth in the recipes that call for broth, or veggie broth for tofu/beans.

I searched the web and tried to find something for everyone. I had a blast looking. I even got to play with my Instagram photo app. Look for my own personal leftover recipe coming soon! ENJOY and Bon Appetite!


Leftover Turkey Pot Pie with Cheddar Biscuit Crust


Best Ever Chicken (Turkey) Enchiladas


Quick Turkey Chili


Corn Tomato Chowder


Turkey Pasta Bake


Turkey Hash & Sunny Side Up Eggs


Turkey Cobb Salad


Turkey Gumbo


Turkey Dill & Orzo Soup



Turkey a-la King


6 thoughts on “10 Recipes to Transform Your Leftovers

  1. I was trying to find the comment section on your blog awards. I have written policies for large corporations and you are not following the definition of the word ” policy”. If you are telling viewers you are an award free blog take down all the awards. Also you do not have to advertise it. Lots of my fellow bloggers are award free. They do not advertise the fact. It is not necessary. Politely decline the honor. That’s it. You are making a mockery out of the situation. Your blog is starting to look like a circus. Also the content is odd..10 this to do with leftovers. Its primarily about turkey leftovers. Say so. Title: 10 things to do with “TURKEY” leftovers. Talking about suicide on a food blog has missed the value of your blog. I do not undersand?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your constructive criticism, except for the “circus” comment, which is quite hurtful. I am very proud of my blog and receive compliments all the time, especially about the inspiration and stress relief section.

      I appreciate your viewpoint regarding awards. It was never my intention to “make a mockery” of the situation and have removed the “award free” symbol from my blog page, but will keep the award page. I first put up the “award free” symbol after seeing something similar on dozens of other blogs. I was receiving many, many awards. I tried to do all the awards coming in, because I like to bring attention to the blogs that nominated me, but they were taking so much time. The “award free” status came in an effort to hold back some of the awards that were coming in. After still receiving awards, despite my award free status, I developed my Hall of Fame.

      This leftover post, was one of the first “lists” I ever did, and I was learning, and still am. With my schooling, and taking care of my home/family, I have little time to do quality time/work on my blog and usually devote just one day per week to it.

      If you have followed my blog for any length of time, you’ll know this is far from just a food blog. I consider my blog a “lifestyle blog”, not a food blog. My motto is “FOOD FOR THE BODY, MIND AND SOUL” To me, that means “feeding the soul” with things that help others and make me feel good.

      From the very beginning, I have always posted things that helped other, boosted moral, inspired, motivated, etc. Mainly because I believe happy, motivated and inspired people, are less stressed and therefore healthier. Our health isn’t just about food, it’s about lifestyle. Helping others, for me, is part of a healthy, happy life. I’m sorry if you don’t understand that.

      I just wanted to point out, that until I’m out of school, I am just a simple person, wife, and mother, who enjoys writing and blogging. I am not a company or corporation. When I finish school, my blog will be streamlined and improved, until then, it includes things I enjoy.

      I enjoy food, nutrition, yoga, meditation, inspiration, and helping others. I consider all of these part of a happy, healthy lifestyle. A happy person, an inspired person, a motivated person, is less stressed, and healthier. I therefore include them in my blog.

      You’re comment has helped me understand that perhaps I need a new motto, that better explains the “lifestyle” and “wellness” subject of my blog.

      One final point, how is preventing suicide, NOT about health?


      1. It’s good to hear from you. I apologize for the ‘circus’ comment. I have followed you for about 2 years You mentioned you have two blogs going. I follow a medical blog that covers suicide, depression, anxiety and so on, written by a doctor. People that are depressed or alcoholic also have blogs. I encourage them and praise them for their honesty and coming forth. I’m sure it is difficult. Yes suicide is about health. Your blog has 3 divisions. If you talk about ‘mental’ health under wellness– that can be well-being in reference to suicide. Yes it is a section under health –like Patch Adams, who has made it his goal in life to enlighten people about Mental health. My intentions were purely out of curiosity You have changed the look of your blog somewhat.–additions. It was hard for me to figure it out. I will not site specifics. People that have the badge or a graphic, “I do not accept awards” do not have any awards on their site. If you are so adamant about an award-free site why take off the graphic.-only-.why not take off the award citations? if its so much against them. I would be ecstatic to get an award. There are foods for cancer (on your blog). Foods for schizophrenia. They are zinc folic acid, Vitamin B based foods and more. Lack of Vitamin D encourages hallucinations. “Wellness” is such a broad topic. You can argue the point and win on both sides of the debate. “Whether suicide should be a topic for “Wellness” Its really not that important. ( eight facets of wellness). It surprised me, that’s all. You could make three blogs. But, I suspect you are concerned about your followers. To change at this late date would not be wise.
        Best wished to you.


      2. Mental health is ABSOLUTELY part of physical wellness. The digestive system is often called the “2nd brain” and also makes more serotonin than the brain. A healthy gut is ESSENTIAL to mental health and a healthy brain. It’s too much to go into here, but needless to say, it is a huge aspect of nutrition and wellness. Stress, through the adrenal glands, also affects mental health and the health of the body. That is why I cover mental health, and stress to such a large degree on my blog. For a better understanding of how the health of the digestive system and adrenals affects the brain and mental health, see this article: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/evolutionary-psychiatry/201404/the-gut-brain-connection-mental-illness-and-disease
        Thank you for your input. As I said, after school is out, and I can devote more of my time to my blog, it’ll be streamlined, until then, it is, what it is.
        I wasn’t necessarily adamant about becoming award free. It was more that I was overwhelmed for a while. I was receiving a lot of awards for a while. I am ALWAYS happy and excited about receiving awards. It’s a huge honor to receive awards. I’m very proud of my awards, which is why I have a page. I don’t want to take down the page, because it contains the names of the nominating blogs along with links. I like to bring attention to the nominating blogs. Anyway…
        Best wishes to you. God bless and namaste my friend. 🙏😊


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