It’s my blogiversary! Here’s my first post ~ Do you hold onto your anger?

Hello all! One year ago today, I officially got my blog up and running to where it is today. I had actually started my blog about 18 months prior to this date, but was too scared to do anything about it. Prior to this date, I had reblogged some recipes, on occasion,  but didn’t write any of my own articles prior to this one. I had a small handful of followers, 5  I think, who followed me at that time, and they are still with me today.

For some reason, after talking to my family, I finally got up the nerve to write my own article. So, a year on, I have gone from 5 followers to over 1800 followers! This is better than in my wildest dreams. Thank you all so much for following me. Please know that I appreciate each and every one of you.  Before I get to the article. I wanted to share this lovely poem with you. It is my prayers and wishes for each of you.

Best SummerAdventure Spots.png

Thank you again!

God bless you all and Namaste.


 Now…Onto the main article…my first one…I haven’t changed a word…ENJOY!!!

Holding onto your anger, can be detrimental, not only to your sanity and peace of mind but to your body. Yes, learning about stress, and its affect on the body has been part of my studies in school. With what’s going on in our country right now, I thought it would be a good focus for a quick blogpost.


Infographic from

Your body reacts to ANY anger, fear or stress the same way it would if a tiger was chasing you. It goes into survival mode, and into what’s known as “fight or flight” mode. Your body releases sugar for energy, increasing glucose levels, while raising your blood pressure and breathing. Meanwhile, it shuts down or suppresses your digestive and immune systems, among other things. See the following article, at Dr. Josh Axe’s website to discover how stress affects you.: 10 ways chronic stress is killing your quality of life

Meanwhile, I found this video, and Buddha’s viewpoint on anger. ENJOY!

18 thoughts on “It’s my blogiversary! Here’s my first post ~ Do you hold onto your anger?

  1. Yes – I held on for too long and now I’m ‘letting go’… bliss! I love the Buddha clip too. Thanks for following my blog and I’m looking forward for some more ‘food for thought’.. x


      1. Brilliant – it does take a bit of getting used to when you first start blogging and I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts! x


  2. Yes. My husband keeps telling me about the river of forgiveness but me and one of my sons just don’t get it, but my husband and other son can just do it…at least after a bit. I know its for my good to let go….but if I ever get a chance to get even, I certainly will.

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