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Feel Good Friday: When Giving Is All We Have

Here is a Feel Good Friday post from April…One of my first ones. Enjoy!

To give…

Two short words, but they pack a powerful punch. What does it mean to give?  Does it mean more when we give everything we have, to help other people, or is the act of giving enough, as long as it comes from the heart?

Picture this scene… Two men are standing on a busy street corner in New York City, one cold, snowy winter day, waiting for the stop light to turn.  Bright yellow taxis are streaming by, honking. The first man is very wealthy, dressed impeccably in designer clothes and shoes. The second man is homeless, wearing a dirty and torn camouflage jacket, over a red hooded sweatshirt and baseball cap.

While they are waiting, a young mother, with two toddlers in tow (a boy and girl), approaches them, asking for money.  “We don’t have a place to live and my children are so hungry. I’ll take anything you have…PLEASE.” 

The rich man reaches into his pocket and pulls out a new, crisp $20 bill, and hands it to her, smiling.

The homeless man reaches into his pocket and pulls out a dirty and crumpled $1 bill. Then, without hesitation, hands it to her, his face beaming with pride.  

She thanks them both and walks away.

Was either man’s gift better? Was the rich man’s gift better, because it was more money? Was the homeless man’s gift better, because it was all he had in the world? Were both gifts good, because the men gave from the heart and helped the young woman?

At the end of the day, they both made the young woman happy. They both helped her. Perhaps, she was more appreciative to have the $20. However, the homeless man could have just said “No, I’m sorry, I don’t have anything to spare“, but he didn’t do that.

Maybe, just maybe…the homeless man is just as rich as the wealthy man, because he gave everything he had in the world. Why would giving everything you have, make you rich?

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To help illustrate this point, I have included this heartwarming video. In the video, a son is embarrassed by his father, wishing his father was rich. He later realizes just how rich his father really was (be prepared for tears!) :


Why do we give? What do we get out of it? We give, because we can and because it makes a difference. It sends out ripples in the pond of life, helping whomever it reaches.

We give…because it makes us happy


that makes us the richest people in the world.


I’ll end with this beautiful poem called



• wellness spa •

Print: When Giving Is All We Have

What are your thoughts on giving? Why do we give? Is all giving good or like the story above, is one better than the other?

I’d love to hear what you think. Leave me a comment!  


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6 Comments on Feel Good Friday: When Giving Is All We Have

  1. beautiful post, loved the video as well !

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  2. Amazing post! Such a feel good story for a Friday! Thank you.

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  3. There’s no question that giving is in itself the greatest reward.

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