Feel Good Friday: Lip Sync Love – A Tribute to our Men and Women in Uniform

As I close out my week of “The best of The Purple Almond”, and in light of the incredible tragedy in Las Vegas this past week, I felt this post was the absolute best one to share. After a week of heartbreaking news, video and stress, I think we need a bit of fun on Feel Good Friday.

This article, originally posted on July 14, 2017, is a fun tribute to our men an women in uniform. It’s my way of saying thanks for what they do every day to keep us safe and give us the freedoms we enjoy in our country on a daily basis. As I went back and watched each of the videos, they absolutely brought a smile to my face. It was fun watching all of them enjoying some “down time”.

Before we get to the main article, however, I want to reach out to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the Las Vegas Fire & Rescue, and the Las Vegas Paramedics, as well as the hospitals, doctors, nurses, volunteers and support staff.

THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO. Thank you for rushing into danger to help those in need. Thank you for your bravery and doing everything you could to save lives. I wish only the best for each and every one of you.

I found the following beautiful prayer on crosswalk.com, by: Debbie McDaniel. I share it as my way of thanking you. May God bless and protect each of you everyday.

Namaste. 🙏




Ok, I have a lot of videos today, but I wanted to make sure everyone was covered. After a particularly hard first week on my elimination diet, I wanted to have a bit of fun. I started my research for this week’s feel good Friday post looking for lip sync videos after watching a funny video on Facebook. While looking for lip sync videos, I came across some fabulous lip sync videos made by our military, law enforcement and EMS crews. So, I decided to include one from each branch.

Watch only one…watch a few…or watch them all. What’s important is that you have fun and end your week on a high note.

This article is dedicated to ALL of our men and women in uniform, both overseas and at home, who work hard and risk their own lives, every day, to keep our country safe.




download (1)

Here we have: “Call Me Maybe” performed by US Army Infantry Soldiers in Kunar Province, Afghanistan. “



In this video a group of  Navy and Marines medical corp performing a Gangnam Style Parody:


download (2).png

I searched a while for a good lip sync video from the Air Force, and couldn’t find one. Apparently, they prefer to dance. 🙂 Here is one of several dance videos I found from the US Air Force. Here they dance with the song Cotton Eyed Joe playing in the background.



This video features members of the Coast Guard as they lip sync to the song “Daylight”. According to the description: “A little video I put together while on a deployment. No, it wasn’t due to too much spare time. I just have superb time management skills. 🙂 “


download (4)

Watch Clay and Boo, the singing ambulance drivers, from Cabin Creek, WV, as they sing Ice Ice Baby.



The ORTING VALLEY FIRE AND RESCUE,  from Orting, Washington perform UPTON FUNK.


download (3).jpeg

Finally, I watched A LOT of Pharrell Williams “Happy” lip sync videos, but this one, from the ATLANTA POLICE DEPARTMENT won hands down. (It’s more of a dance video. Will the chief dance? WAIT FOR IT!) ENJOY! 

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