How to eat healthy…Tips from the experts.

Hello all! I am desperately behind on my homework for my current course, with my next assignment due Thursday…I still have reading to do…and I haven’t even started the assignment. So, for the remainder of the week, I’ll be reposting some of my old articles, from when I first started my blog, sort of a “Best of..” The Purple Almond. 😉

This article is the second article I posted in the “How to eat healthy” series.  The article features 5 videos, highlighting experts in the field of nutrition, giving their tips on eating healthy. Here are just a few of their tips:

  • Corrina Rachel on the difference between whole and processed foods: “Processed foods usually come out of a box…whole foods usually come with a peel, from the dirt.” See the video for the rest of her tips.
  • Prevention Magazine on sugar in whole foods vs processed foods: “Strawberries have 7 grams of sugar/serving and strawberry jam has 12 grams of sugar/serving.” See the video for the rest of the comparisons.
  • Michael Moss, author of the book Salt, Sugar, Fat on secrets of the food industry: “The food industry has known for years and years that it is at least partly responsible for [the current health crisis]” Watch the video for the rest of his comments.
  • Cooking Light Magazine on ways to eat more whole foods: when buying packaged foods- “I look for [ingredient] lists that practically read like a recipe I could recreate in my own kitchen.” For the rest of the tips…see the video
  • Kia Sanford on reading food labels: “The main things to know on a food label are-what’s the serving size?; How many servings in that container?; Because all of the rest of the information on the label is related to that serving.” See the video for the rest of her tips.

Onto the main article and the 5 videos… Tip, if you only have time to watch one video, I recommend video #2 from Prevention Magazine. It’s quite enlightening!

In part 2 of what I decided would be a series of blogs on “how to eat healthy.” I have gathered together 5 videos. In these videos you’ll learn: better ways to distinguish whole foods from processed/refined food, how much sugar is actually in that “low fat” fruit yogurt you eat, secrets of the food industry, ways to incorporate whole food into your diet and how to read labels. I hope you enjoy!

Corrina Rachel-Certified Holistic Health Coach gives tips to help distinguish the difference between whole food and processed food.

Prevention Magazine-and the Sugar Showdown– whole food vs processed food. This video illustrates the sugar content of processed food and their whole food counterpart.

CBN news talks to Michael Moss author of SALT, SUGAR, FAT, where he reveals some of the secrets the processed food industry uses to get us hooked on their products.

Cooking Light MagazineCynthia Sass, MPH, RD and Contributing nutrition editor discusses ways to incorporate more whole food into your lifestyle.

Kia Sanford-Clinical Nutritionist and Counselor discusses food labels and how to read them. The main thing to take away from this one… “If you can shop the perimeter of your grocery store, there are no labels there. Makes it easy. You know why? It’s real food: fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat. That’s the main part of what you should be building your meals from anyway. Then you don’t have to worry about a food label.”

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