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The Kindness Boomerang

I decided to change things up a bit on my Fridays. I’m cutting back from 2 posts to 1, and the current posts, ” Happiness is ” and “Feel Good Friday” will be replaced with a new series, which will come out later today.

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 9.56.55 PM.png

Just for today,  there will be 3 articles, while I build up to the release of the new series. The first two articles sort of “lay the foundation” for the new series.

This first article will be short… Below, is a video called THE KINDNESS BOOMERANG by a phenomenal organization called LIFE VEST INSIDE. This video is a wonderful representation of how one small act of kindness sets off a chain reaction of kind acts, which ultimately returns back to the first person.


there’s no such thing

as a small act of kindness.

Every act creates a ripple

with no logical end.”

-Scott Adams

Have a look:


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Welcome to The Purple Almond! My name is Tamara Hoerner. I am a student at Hawthorn University working toward a Master of Science in Health and Nutrition Education. For me, the name Purple Almond symbolizes “Good, nutritious, whole food bringing light and life to the body, awakening the inherent healing mechanisms within.” I'm all about getting back to the basics, good old fashioned traditional organic, whole food, the kind your great-grandmother used to eat. You'll find no processed foods here. Just good food to heal your whole body. I also believe a healthy body isn't just about food. Stress plays a large part in the physical health of our body. I, therefore, believe in using anything that relieves stress and heals the body, including: mediation, yoga, music, laughter, inspiration and helping others. You'll find all these included in my blog as well.

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  1. I just love this video 🙂

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  2. Reblogged this on Fearless and commented:

    Kindness is free!

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    My father told me that if you help someone only two people should know about it, you and God! He taught me a lesson in humility once buy having me take a roll of dimes and quarters to the downtown area near the courthouse and refill parking meters that were about to expire.True Altruism is the rarest thing on the hearth and priceless! #PeaceMarshall


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