Happiness is…

May your life be like good wine,

tasty, sharp and clear,

and like good wine,

may it improve

with every passing year.

~ An Italian Blessing ~

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This week’s prayer is one version of a traditional Druid prayer, part of traditional British Druidry. Many people credit it to Welsh visionary Lolo Morganwg. According to my research, the Druid Prayer is part of every ritual. If you’d like more information on this prayer, follow this LINK.

Here is one version:

Grant, O God thy protection
And in Protection, Strength;
And in Strength, Understanding;
And in Understanding, Knowledge;
And in Knowledge, the Knowledge of Justice:
And in the Knowledge of Justice, the Love of it;
And in the Love of it, the Love of All Existences;
And in the Love of All Existences, the Love of God and All Goodness.

and in Welsh:

Dyro Dduw dy Nawdd;
Ag yn nawdd, nerth;
Ag yn nerth, Deall;
Ag yn Neall, Gwybod;
Ac yngwybod, gwybod y cyfiawn
Ag yngwybod y cyfiawn, i garu;
Ag o garu, caru pob hanfod;
Ag ymhob Hanfod, caru Duw.
Duw a phob Daioni.

Here is another version

I hope you enjoy.

May it bring you wisdom,

strength and peace. 

1%2F3 cup fresh lime juice3 tbsps agave nectar1 cup pineapple juice2 cups pineapple1%2F4 cup triple sec.png

Let us stop for a moment to pray and meditate.

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