Have you seen this? 3 Minutes with Pink

What would you do if

your daughter came up to you and said…

“Mama, I’m ugly. I look like a boy”?

That’s just what happened to Pink. She gave a powerful speech at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards. as she was presented with the Michael Jackson Vanguard Video Award. Here she tells the story and how she handled it. Everyone needs to hear her inspiring message.

Have a look…

As Pink says, “We don’t change.” ALWAYS be yourself….ALWAYS. Never change for anyone. Love yourself for who you are. The right people will love you for you and stay in your life. The people who can’t accept you, were never meant to be a part of your life. Let them go and learn from their presence in your life. You meet everyone for a reason. They will either love you, or teach you a lesson. Learn that lesson, incorporate it into your being, making you even more incredible, then move on.





Let us stop for a moment to pray and meditate.

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