Just Thought You Should Know… How You Can Help Texas Flood Victims

UPDATE: I had a comment from a reader asking about donating clothing to flood victims in Texas. Here is a link to a press release from FEMA regarding donations:


According to the press release,

cash donations are best at this time.

Here is a quote from the press release:

“Cash donations offer…the most flexibility to address urgently developing needs. With cash in hand, these organizations can obtain needed resources nearer to the disaster location. This inflow of cash also pumps money back into the local economy and helps local businesses recover faster….

Please do not donate unsolicited goods such as used clothing, miscellaneous household items, medicine, or perishable foodstuffs at this time. When used personal items are donated, the helping agencies must redirect their staff away from providing direct services to survivors in order to sort, package, transport, warehouse, and distribute items that may not meet the needs of disaster survivors.”


I should be studying…I have a final exam to take… I have 3 final assignments due in less than a week…but right now, my mind and heart are in southern Texas. I can’t seem to focus on my studies. I keep thinking about all of the beautiful people down there and how they are suffering. ” You need to do something to help“, my heart tells me and I always follow my heart…always.

So, I thought I’d use this blog, my own little part of the universe, to spread the word on organizations that are seeking donations for the flood/hurricane victims down in Texas.

I’m sending out an appeal to all of my fellow bloggers…let’s band together and help in anyway we can. I challenge you to donate to one of the 16 organization on the list below. If we all donate just $10, think what a difference we can make.

  • Samaritan’s Purse –  Here is their mission statement: “Samaritan’s Purse is a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world. Since 1970, Samaritan’s Purse has helped meet needs of people who are victims of war, poverty, natural disasters, disease, and famine with the purpose of sharing God’s love through His Son, Jesus Christ. The organization serves the church worldwide to promote the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.”
  • Red Cross – TEXT HARVEY TO 90999 FOR A $10 DONATION, or follow the link to donate online. “The American Red Cross is helping the people affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas and all across the Gulf coast. Shelters are open, truck loads of supplies are being distributed and volunteers in place.”
  • Americares –  “Hurricane Harvey: Emergency Disaster Response-

    For every $10 you donate today, we can provide $200 in aid—that’s the power of giving to Americares. Help provide emergency medicine and supplies. Americares is on the ground right now in Texas, distributing water and medicine. But thousands of people are in desperate need of aid, medicine and basic supplies and we can’t keep up with demand. You can help them! “

  • Salvation Army “As Hurricane Harvey causes widespread damage across Texas, The Salvation Army is ready to provide physical, emotional and spiritual care to survivors and relief workers. Salvation Army disaster teams from across the country are mobilizing and, even after disaster response efforts are over, The Salvation Army will remain in communities impacted by this terrible storm, supporting long-term disaster recovery efforts and providing ongoing assistance to those in need.Get updates on our relief efforts at www.disaster.salvationarmyusa.org, follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/SalArmyEDS, or on Twitter @SalArmyEDS”
  • Heart to Heart International – “Heart to Heart International’s Disaster Response Team first stop was Belton Texas Expo Center to drop off hygiene and health kits. The Expo and Bell County Sheriff’s Department have set up a response center to help those that evacuated from Hurricane Harvey and needed assistance. HHI’s timing was perfect because the county was about to go buy hygiene kits for their guests….in Victoria, TX…we have had over 600 cars of people affected by Hurricane Harvey come pick up water, food, supplies and health/hygiene kits. The line continues to grow. HHI has given lots of Tetanus shots and treated minor injuries. Partnering with Convoy of Hope at the Faith Family Church. All of this is being done with no power and water in 85% of the town.”


  • Global Giving – This crowdfunding website is trying to raise $2 million. Here’s a summary from their page: “Hurricane Harvey has caused widespread, catastrophic flooding and damage in Texas and along the Gulf Coast. This fund will provide relief to survivors in the form of emergency supplies like food, water, and medicine in addition to longer-term recovery assistance to help residents recover and rebuild. All donations to this fund will exclusively support relief and recovery efforts from this storm.”
  • Go Fund Me – This is a link to a Go Fund Me page which highlights stories and pages for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. You can make a general donation at this link, or choose from one of the highlighted stories.
  • Catholic Charities – “Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA) is the official domestic relief agency of the U.S. Catholic Church. Your donation to CCUSA’s Disaster fund supports disaster response and recovery efforts including direct assistance, rebuilding, and health care services. Please visit www.catholiccharitiesusa.org to learn more.”  You can also text CCUSADISASTER to 71777 to donate

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 9.12.47 AM.png

  • Coastal Bend C.A.N. -Disaster Recovery Group – “The Mission of the Coastal Bend Long Term Recovery Group is to strengthen regional long term recovery by addressing unmet disaster related needs of individuals in the community in Federally declared disasters….The Coastal Bend Disaster Recovery Group (CDRG) is a state recognized long-term recovery non-profit group created to address the unmet needs of Coastal Bend area residents affected by disaster. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, areas of the Coastal Bend will no doubt be devastated and long-term recover needs of the under-served population will emerge.
  • Greater New Orleans Foundation- Hurricane Harvey- Forward Fund“Activated by the Mayor of New Orleans in partnership with the Greater New Orleans Foundation, the NOLA Pay It Forward Fund: Hurricane Harvey will provide resources for the early relief and rebuilding efforts of those communities impacted by Hurricane Harvey.”
  • Junior League of New Orleans Diaper Bank
      The Junior League of New Orleans (JLNO) is requesting donations for its Diaper Bank to assist those affected by Hurricane Harvey.JLNO has been in contact with Junior Leagues and Diaper Bank partners throughout the region and is mobilizing to assist them in meeting the needs of their respective communities. Many agencies will be providing aid, and JLNO is uniquely positioned to help families through its Diaper Bank. As demonstrated in its 2016 response to the flooding in Baton Rouge and Southwest Louisiana, it is well equipped to make a positive impact due to its size and resource access. Join them in helping those in need by donating the following items:

      • Diapers
      • Baby wipes
      • Diaper cream
      • Feminine products
      • Gift cards in $20 amounts to Target and WalMart
  • The Greater Houston Community Foundation“After receiving an overwhelming number of inquiries from citizens and companies who want to help, Mayor Sylvester Turner has established the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund that will accept tax deductible flood relief donations for victims that have been affected by the recent floods.”
  • United Way of Greater Houston“We have launched the United Way Relief Fund to help meet storm-related needs and recovery in our community. Thank you for your generosity.”
  • Send Relief and Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR) –  “Teams began responding before Hurricane Harvey made landfall, deploying hundreds of crisis buckets and sending other supplies that would be needed in the immediate aftermath of the storm. Now we have been asked to assist in the care of up to 60,000 displaced Texans in addition to preparing thousands of hot meals and performing mud-out, chainsaw and cleaning services to restore survivors’ homes.”
  • Convoy of Hope “Convoy of Hope was founded in 1994 by the Donaldson family. Their inspiration for starting the organization can be traced back to the many people who helped their family after their father, Harold, was killed by a drunk driver in 1969. Today, more than 80 million people have been served throughout the world by Convoy of Hope. We are proud that we work through churches, businesses, government agencies and other nonprofits to provide help and hope to those who are impoverished, hungry and hurting…Convoy of Hope is a faith-based, nonprofit organization with a driving passion to feed the world through children’s feeding initiatives, community outreaches and disaster response.”
  • Save the Children –  “Save the Children believes every child deserves a future. In the U.S. and around the world, we give children a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. We do whatever it takes for children – every day and in times of crisis – transforming their lives and the future we share.”


So fellow bloggers, I challenge you to either share this post, or write one of your own AND donate to the effort. Texas needs help.


I personally donated to Convoy for Hope and purchased a box of diapers for the Junior League.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, prayers, blessings etc.

Leave me a comment.

(BTW…if you write your own post, or have already written one, PLEASE come back and leave a comment below with a link to your site, so others can read it! I will also reblog all articles listed in the comments to both of my sites. THANKS!)




Let us stop for a moment to pray and meditate.




13 thoughts on “Just Thought You Should Know… How You Can Help Texas Flood Victims

  1. I read your blog and liked it very much I do have a question for you. My husband and I have quite a few clothes we can’t wear any more that are in very good shape, some sheets and towels that we would like to donate to the people in Texas. If you know of an organization in my area that could take these items for me it would be greatly appreciated. We live in Elkin, NC and could take them to Winston Salem, Wilkesboro, Salisbury or somewhere in the vicinity, for drop-off. I will appreciate a reply if you can help me.


    1. Thank you for your kind comment.

      Here’s what I found out. Charities do prefer cash donations. It doesn’t require transportation costs and is less time and effort.

      That being said, I did find this article from ABC News channel 11 in North Carolina. It may be of some help to you. I’ll continue looking. If I find anything else, I’ll let you know.


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