Have you seen this? What’s With Wheat?

I just finished watching this documentary which highlights wheat, it’s beginnings in history, the changes made in the 20th century and society’s growing intolerance to this food, which has permeated every aspect of  our society.

If you have any type of chronic illness, this is a must watch documentary. It sheds light on the current research on wheat and gluten sensitivity, as well as  why so many people cannot tolerate this food.

Especially important is the link to leaky gut syndrome and auto-immune disorders. This documentary links leaky gut and inevitably almost all auto-immune disorders to the consumption of wheat. In other words, if you have an auto-immune disorder and/or leaky gut, you shouldn’t be eating wheat/gluten.

Here is the trailer:

If I’ve peaked your interest, and you’d like to watch this important and highly informational documentary, there is a list below with links to 5 different sources. The only “free” source, was on Netflix streaming, which requires a membership.




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