Just thought you should know… The top 8 organic MISTAKES most people make – NaturalNews.com

When people are converting from the Standard American Diet, (SAD) to an “organic” diet,  they often go from buying “normal” processed food, to buying “organic” processed food, thinking it’s healthier. What they don’t realize, is…processed food is processed food, even if it’s marked “organic”. It’s still contains refined ingredients, fillers, preservatives and flavorings. Here are 8 mistakes people make, when purchasing “organic” food, from Naturalnews.com.

#1. Buying from organic companies that sold out to Big Food’s evil corporations

You see a nicely labeled organic product, which appears to be from a quaint little, mom and pop owned organic company. What you don’t realize is that Big Food, has gobbled up many of the smaller, family owned, mom and pop organic companies.

Upon purchasing these companies, the “organic” products are filled with canola oil and unfermented soy products. Even in organic forms canola and soy can cause problems in the body, over the long term (1).

Here is a rather confusing looking infographic, which tells you which Big Food companies own the smaller “family” organic foods.

IMAGE COURTESY OF: www.cornucopia.org


For a list of family owned organic brands…

Check out this website: gmo-awareness.com – Family Owned. They also have a list of organic companies owned by Big Food: gmo-awareness.com – Big Food owned.

#2. Buying organic foods that contain canola

Big food often replaces coconut or palm oil with cheaper canola oil, made from rapeseeds. Studies indicate that canola oil, even organic oil, can cause degeneration of  the heart, kidneys, thyroid gland and adrenals (1).

Canola is also high in glycosides, which can impede enzyme function and destroy the nerve’s protective coating, causing nerve damage.

#3. Buying organic foods that contain unfermented soy

This one is a bit controversial. Many people say that organic soy is perfectly healthy. However, opponents of soy say that it  “is linked to immune-system malfunctions, thyroid dysfunction and cognitive decline.”  Studies indicate that any soy that is consumed should be fermented. Unfermented soy contains “anti-nutrients”, which block enzymes needed to properly digest protein (1).

#4. Buying anything “certified organic” that was grown in China

In order to cut costs and make products more affordable, Big Food purchases many of the needed ingredients from China. Why is this a problem? In a word…POLLUTION. According to the source article, China has three times more pollution than the USA, with 70% of the water polluted & unsafe for human contact. It also contains such high levels of heavy metals that they sometimes run red. So this means that even organic food from China is still filled with toxins and chemicals (1).

#5. Assuming that “USDA certified organic” means no heavy metal toxins

The USDA does not require inspections or certifications for heavy metals in organic food. This means that heavy metals such as a lead, aluminum, mercury, nickel, copper, tungsten and arsenic, can be found in food certified organic by the USDA. (1) What does this mean? Avoid any food from China.

#6. Putting organic food in the microwave oven

You go through the trouble of going to the farmers market to purchase beautiful, organic, locally grown vegetables. You’re in a hurry and decide to just cook them in the microwave for a quick meal. What could possibly be wrong with that? Well, according to the source article, in just a few seconds, the microwave destroys the nutritive qualities of the food. The microwave radiation changes the food molecules from positive to negative, which deforms the food. This is known as “structural isomerism”. (1)

#7. Cooking organic meat on an outdoor grill

Ok, I know what you’re thinking…” Now I can’t even grill that great grass-fed steak. What’s wrong with grilling?”  Here is a quote from the main article (1):

  • “Even if meat is organic, when you grill it at high temperature and fat drips onto the heat source, potent carcinogens are created called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH’s). There is also a chemical reaction between the amino acids and creatine in the meat that forms dangerous heterocyclic amines (HCA’s). Lastly, you’re increasing the amount of advanced glycolytic enzymes (AGE’s) already present in the meat, causing inflammation and oxidative damage to tissues in your body.”

#8. Boiling organic vegetables in water you got from the tap

Fluoride can’t be boiled out of water (1) Make sure you are using filtered water. Oh, FYI…steaming your veggies is the best way to cook them.

As I always say, sticking to a locally grown, organic, whole food, plant-based diet is your best bet. When you do purchase processed organic food, make sure it’s from one of the small family owned brands listed here: FAMILY OWNED ORGANIC BRANDS



  1. Top 8 organic MISTAKES most people make because they have not done the research – NaturalNews.com


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