Just thought you should know… My New Schedule

UPDATE: JULY 18, 2017- I have made 2 more changes in my schedule.

  1. My Food Journal, normally on weekends, has been moved to Monday evening.
  2. Daily Logs – I have been forced to eliminate this post. I just can’t seem to fit it into my day, in a consistent manner.

I just wanted to make everyone aware about changes to my blog schedule. I decided to cut back on my posts for a few reasons. My son is home for the summer and I have a new class starting on Monday of next week. My classes are getting progressively harder and I need to focus on them, to the best of my ability. Many of the articles I write are based on things I’m learning in school.

I decided to eliminate, for now, my allergy free Friday article. While some followers have expressed interest, it is not as popular as my other articles. I will more than likely be adding this back in at the end of the summer. I am currently in talks with someone to help write my allergy posts. I’ll keep you posted. That said, many of my Wellness Wednesday articles will be allergy free. All other posts will remain, however, they will be bi-weekly instead of weekly.

I normally post 2 large articles a day.  I am scaling back on my posts from 2 large posts daily to one post daily, Monday to Thursday. Fridays, which normally have 3 posts, will be scaled back to 2 posts. I will continue to post healthy cooking tips each morning, as well as my daily log and motivational quotes each evening.

OH! By the way…


articles can pop up at any time…

so be on the lookout!

Let me know if you have any questions.

God Bless! Namaste!

#sharethejoy #onesong


Here is my new schedule: (Revised 7/18/2017)

  • Daily
    • Healthy cooking tips –
      • Every morning – Monday to Thursday
    • Motivational quotes –  
      • Every evening – Monday to Friday
  • Monday
    • My Weekly Food Journal
    • Motivation- 1st/3rd Monday
    • Meditation – 2nd/4th Monday
  • Tuesday
    • Nutrients – 1st/3rd Tuesday
    • Healthy Eating – 2nd/4th Tuesday
  • Wednesday
    • Wellness tips 1st/3rd Wednesday
    • Cooking for wellness – 2nd/4th Wednesday
  • Thursday
    • Thanking my followers
  • Friday—-
    •  Happiness Is…
    • Feel Good Friday

12 Comments on “Just thought you should know… My New Schedule

  1. Wow, you are rocking this. You post so much ( I do to but nothing as important or informative) and you are so organized. I didn’t even know you were a mom. Plus, you’re a student. How can you do it all? I’m so honored to be a follower and so inspired by you.

    Liked by 2 people

    • 😮 aww thank you so much! 😊😍💕 your kind words mean a lot to me. I love writing and blogging, which is why I post so much. It is my intent that my posts either be informative, inspiring or both. I simply decided one day that my time could be better spent than playing games on my phone or watching tv. This blog is the result. Thank you for kindness. I am honored to have you as a follower and friend. 🙏


  2. Wow you post a lot in the first place. Even with your scale back ypu post a lot . Amazing.

    All the best with your new schedule.

    I appreciate how you wrote this and its clarity.

    All the best

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  3. I like that you keep your blog organized and give the readers something to look forward to and update them on times and days so that they know when to look for something, this is something I am trying to do with my own blog, come up with some order and give each day of the week a purpose- which gets harder because I have so much I want to write about and sometimes it doesn’t fit certain categories but I think I need to find out what ones work and what ones don’t get as much feedback and make it work for my blog schedule because in Aug I will be studying a whole lot and so I need time to do that and blog and then I have social media and YouTube, and I am going to be starting a second blog different from fitness/health, so everything will need to have order and I am using your example of how you put things together as a template for myself with tweaks so I can be more uniformed with my blog.


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    • My schedule has really helped me focus my blog. Frankly, I’d be lost without it. When I first started, everything was such a mishmash, I hated it. Now, I know everyday, exactly what I need to do.
      Yes, you are very busy, like me. I have so much more I want to do as well, but I am holding back, because of lack of time. The problem is, that won’t be letting up any time soon. One tip… I recently came up with a new series called “Just thought you should know.” With this series, whenever I find a topic or article that doesn’t fit into one of my normal days, I write about it under this new series. It has helped a lot, and people seem to enjoy it.
      I realized over the weekend, that I’m going to have to cut back even more. There really isn’t enough time in a day. Oh well. Good luck with everything! 🙂 😉


      • Yes, exactly! Time seems to be the reason why I can never get things done when I want them done and because I have so much to write about some days that I am up all through the night trying to finish them off. You seem to be promoting well on Instagram, which is awesome btw.

        Ahh, I like that tip. I think I will do something like that for my blog as well, you have offered some awesome advice. thank you.



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