Feel Good Friday: You are beautiful, You are unique, You are you…

Good afternoon all! Sorry, but my Feel Good Friday post is coming out a bit late today.

I always follow my heart when I do my inspirational posts. I just search and let my heart lead me to where it needs to go. Today, I felt pulled to inspire the beauty and uniqueness that are human beings.

So often, we get bogged down in comparisons to other people, admiring what others have or how they look. We are all on a search for love and happiness. And,  not knowing where to turn, we look to society, and aim for what society thinks is beautiful. Then we look in the mirror and get sad, depressed and down on ourselves when we don’t feel as if we match up to society’s standards. Then we end up hating ourselves.

We find a deep, deep dissatisfaction in out and out materialism, because we were made for something greater than this..png

I’ll tell you a little secret, I used suffer from depression and hate myself. Many dark and negative thoughts have come across my mind. One day about 8 years ago, I simply decided I’d had enough. That’s when I started searching for more, for a reason, for a “cure” for myself.  That’s when I discovered my passion for nutrition. It was nutrition that brought me some relief from my depressive symptoms. But, that wasn’t a complete cure. I would still have episodes along the way. I discovered that nutrition was only part of the solution.

It took me many more years to realize that nutrition had only fixed the physical and hormonal imbalances within my body. My spirit, my soul was still broken. I was still pretending for society. My immediate family saw and knew the real me, for everyone else, I’d put on a show. I’d let them see a person I THOUGHT they wanted to see.  And I was miserable. After some reading, and spiritual soul searching, I realized I needed to show the real me. I needed to be myself. But the real me was miserable, or so I thought. I had to find happiness first.

YOU!Yes you, the one reading this...You are beautiful, talented, amazing, andsimply the bestat being you.Don't ever forget that..png

I searched everywhere for happiness. I searched for happiness through others. I searched for happiness in material possessions. I read many books looking for the miracle to happiness. Little did I know, it was with me all along.

Then I started this blog and everything changed. Through this blog, I began, slowly and incrementally to show the true side of myself, the real me. I could be real, but in a safe way. I decided that this was my little piece of the universe. I could absolutely and completely be myself. I decided that if people didn’t like it, they didn’t have to read it. I was going to be the real me on this blog, that’s all there was to it. That thought terrified me. Deep inside I worried. But, I trudged on anyway. The fear was overwhelming, but I did it anyway.

Slowly, as I blogged more and more, the confidence and love for myself grew and grew.  Now, I’ve slowly been able to translate that confidence into the “regular” world. I can honestly say I am TRULY happy. Finding my passion was finding myself. Through expression of my passion, (aka: this blog) I was able to BE myself. It was truly and unequivocally being myself, that made me happy through and through.

Below is a absolutely beautiful and soul touching video about self-love. Please take a few minutes to watch it. It’s worth your time.

I encourage you to find your passion. Don’t just live a life to “get by”, to pay the bills. Find your passion. Find what makes your motor run. Find the best way to be yourself. Find happiness WITHIN YOURSELF. You  won’t find it anywhere else. It’s not up to anyone else but you. Only YOU can make YOU happy.

Beingunique is better thanbeingperfect..png

God Bless! Namaste! #sharethejoy


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