If you drink organic milk, thinking it is healthier than regular versions, you’ll want to watch this video and read the Dr. Mercola article below. (follow the link below).

A recent investigation, done by the Washington Post reveals the workings of the Aurora Organic Dairy in Colorado. This dairy looks more like a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO), similar to those from which regular milk and meat comes.

In the article below, Dr. Mercola discusses a few different things:

  • Why low-fat milk does not belong in a healthy diet.
  • What is organic?
  • Corn Syrup-Fed, Algae-Based DHA oil
  • Organic dairies that are CAFO’s in disguise
  • What type of milk you should be drinking and where to find it. (Hint: you won’t find it in ANY store! ) 🙂

To read about these topics, follow this link: How Organic Is Your Organic Milk?

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