As we have been discussing fiber this week, avocado is at the top of the list of food to include for a healthy diet. This recipe, from Samantha Wharton at her blog The Art of Being Fabulous,  is packed with flavor and healthy ingredients. It’s a great way to boost your fiber intake, as well as veggies, especially if you don’t normally like salad.

If you enjoy learning about health, nutrition and fitness, THE ART OF BEING FABULOUS  is a must see. It’s jam packed with fabulous articles. Here’s a quote from their “about” page.

“The Art of Being Fabulous offers tips for people to create, grow and maintain a positive self-image, and to meet their health, wellness and personal goals. Self-doubt and a lack of self-worth affect many people regardless of age, race, religion, gender, or socio-economic status; whether it happens once in their life, or daily.

We promote a natural way to achieve your goals through a positive mindset, self-improvement, fitness, nutrition, wellness and fulfillment”

THANK YOU VERY MUCH to everyone at The Art of Being Fabulous for following me from my meager beginnings. Your support is very much appreciated!

To see the recipe for chili stuffed with avocado, follow this LINK

This website has a wealth of

other healthy recipes,

such as:

Lomo Saltado (Peruvian steak stir-fry) recipe

Superfood chicken or vegan Guyanese dhal (lentil) soup that eats like a meal

Spice up your world with these blistered Shishito peppers

This quinoa smoothie bowl is peachy keen!


Head on over to The Art of Being Fabulous

May peace be your journey

God Bless! Namaste!




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