Other foods may have Vitamin D added,

but in egg yolks, it occurs naturally!



Have a blessed day.


11 thoughts on “Did you know…

  1. People are so confused about EGGS! I have 5 eggs approximately 5 times a week (4 egg whites and 1 whole egg.) I cook them in 5 grams of coconut oil. “New School” thinking (and research) shows the benefits of eating foods (such as eggs) prepared in HEALTHY saturated fat (coconut oil.) Take away the empty calories found in poor quality processed carbs, and reap the benefits or healthy outcomes.

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  2. kkk This reminds me how I used to think the only way one can get VITAMIN D is through basking in the sun!!!!!! (i feel so dumb..kkkkkk) but then again I was a Todd…so pheww…

    Thank you for the knowledge….surely we learn newthings every day of our lives. xxx

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