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Did you know…

Yes, as it turns out, the stickers on produce, 

as well as the adhesive, are regulated by the

FDA and deemed safe for consumption.

Considering what else the FDA 

deems as “SAFE”, such as

saccharin or aspartame

I’m not sure that’s very comforting. 🙂

For other interesting facts about

these “stickers” watch this video:

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I am a student at Hawthorn University working toward a MS degree in Holistic Nutrition. For me, the name Purple Almond symbolizes “Good, nutritious, whole food bringing light and life to the body, awakening the inherent healing mechanisms within.”

8 Comments on Did you know…

  1. I’m sure its safe in the same way as how some cosmetics are marked safe or edible just because they wont send you to the hospital for consuming them, but they’re still not good for you!

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  2. Yeah I still won’t be trying to consume them lol

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  3. Oh dear……..


  4. Yeah probably not something that you should consume but it would not kill you if you accidentally did.

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