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My Journal: What I learned from the Lakota People

Here is my latest Spiritual Journal post from MY WALK IN THE WOODS

My Walk In The Woods

Since writing my last journal: The Ice Storm, my mind has constantly been focused on the American Indian people who I lived with during the months leading up to my trigger event. I realize I mentioned at the end of that journal post, that I would begin talking about the next steps I took after the death of my son. However, I always go where my heart leads, and right now, it’s leading me to the Lakota People.

No, my journey with the Lakota People does not appear to be over. Many times on my spiritual journey, I am drawn to certain aspects of spiritual beliefs and life. Right now, I’ve been drawn back to the Lakota people, a beautiful, spiritual and proud group. There’s much we can learn from these amazingly strong individuals. I feel, quite strongly, that I am to bring the plight of these beautiful people to…

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