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Happiness is…

Καλημέρα οι υπέροχοι άνθρωποι μου.

Good morning my lovely people.

Σας εύχομαι ένα όμορφο, γαλήνιο και

χαρούμενο Σαββατοκύριακο.

I wish for you a beautiful,

peaceful and happy weekend.

Ο Θεός να ευλογεί! Namaste!

God bless! Namaste!


Happiness Is...For me happiness has become knowledge, It is an intellectual%2Ffeeling hybrid that copes with this world that leads to less crashing after a ‘Happy high’. Best that I can describe it, have a great day……..png

Today’s prayer comes from the Wiccan religion/spiritual belief. Contrary to the mythological and historical writings, as well as present day popular culture, Wicca is a peaceful religion of balance and harmony. Present day Wicca is based on pre-christian tradition from Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Here is a quote from

“Witchcraft (Wicca) is a spiritual system that fosters the free thought and will of the individual, encourages learning and an understanding of the earth and nature thereby affirming the divinity in all living things.   Most importantly however, it teaches responsibility.   We accept responsibility for our actions and deeds as clearly a result of the choices we make.   We do not blame an exterior entity or being for our shortcomings, weaknesses or mistakes.   If we mess up or do something that brings harm to another, we have no one but ourselves to blame and we must face the consequences resulting from those actions.   No ifs, ands or buts and no whining… “


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Welcome to The Purple Almond! My name is Tamara Hoerner. I am a student at Hawthorn University working toward a Master of Science in Health and Nutrition Education. For me, the name Purple Almond symbolizes “Good, nutritious, whole food bringing light and life to the body, awakening the inherent healing mechanisms within.” I'm all about getting back to the basics, good old fashioned traditional organic, whole food, the kind your great-grandmother used to eat. You'll find no processed foods here. Just good food to heal your whole body. I also believe a healthy body isn't just about food. Stress plays a large part in the physical health of our body. I, therefore, believe in using anything that relieves stress and heals the body, including: mediation, yoga, music, laughter, inspiration and helping others. You'll find all these included in my blog as well.

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  1. Be happy Tamara such a happy post and so inspiring enjoy your weekend too

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