Some of you may know that

I have a dog named Max.

He’s a 4 year old Schichon

(1/2 Shih Tzu 1/2 Bichon Frise)

Here he is 🙂

From the day we brought him home, he was a super picky eater. And, well, you know me, into nutrition and all, decided to feed him real food instead of regular dog food. (Something I get lectured about every time I go to the vet!) Anyway, because of his diet, he is 20 pounds of solid muscle, has no tarter on his teeth and he’s full of energy.

That’s why, when I saw this Dog Food Recipe from Rachel Falco at How To Provide for Your Family, I knew I had to share it with all of you! Rachel, a follower of mine since November 2016, and her husband run a mixed species poultry flock and  C.S.A, as well as her 20 acre homestead. By reading her blog, you’ll reap the benefits of her knowledge of farming and homesteading.

This delightful dog food recipe includes, among other things, sweet potatoes, oats, and beef (or other animal protein). My personal opinion about store bought dog food is that it’s nothing more than refined junk food for dogs. If you haven’t tried feeding your dog REAL FOOD, this recipe is definitely a great place to begin.

Thank you Rachel,  for following me all these months…AND, thank you for this tremendous recipe.

God Bless and Namaste!


For the full recipe, follow this link:

Dog Food Recipe – Our Dogs Eat Well!!!

Featured photo courtesy of HOW TO PROVIDE FOR YOUR FAMILY

10 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Dog Food Recipe – Our Dogs Eat Well!!! / How To Provide

  1. I want to try something like this. How long would the recipe last for your dogs? I have two pretty large dogs, both 60lbs. We can use around 30lbs of dry food in a month, give or take.

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