Deepak Chopra’s Top 8 Meditation Tips

Below is a video with Oprah interviewing Deepak Chopra.

In the interview, he answers viewer questions and gives his best tips on meditation.

  1. Best time to meditate-in the morning and late afternoon (before evening meal)
  2. Meditate 15 to 20 minutes twice a day
  3. You should sit when you meditate. If you lie down, you may fall asleep.
  4. Saying a mantra is better than silence- “OM”, “I AM”, or “SO HUM” are all great mantras
  5. Using sounds of nature or soft music can be used and is helpful
  6. Observe breathing, but don’t manipulate the breath. It will get slower and deeper on its own.
  7. Trying to silence a thought, is itself a thought.  Being aware of a thought is not a thought. Acknowledge the thoughts, but, don’t try to silence thoughts. If you leave them alone, they will eventually go away on their own.
  8. Visualize your dreams BEFORE you meditate NOT DURING meditation. If you visualize DURING meditation, you’re activating the mind. The purpose of mediation is to QUIET the mind.

Source: Deepak Chopra’s Top 8 Meditation Tips – O, The Oprah Magazine

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