Happiness is…

Good kakahiaka maikai kanaka

(Good morning beautiful people.)

Paha e piha ka malamalama a me ke aloha i kou hopena pule.

(May your weekend be full of light and love)

~ Hawaiian~

Today’s “Happiness is..” comes to us from sparkyjen.com. This is a fabulous website, with an upbeat, positive SPARKY vibe. Here’s a quote from her “about” page.

“My “sensory-semantic” attitudes about life

keep me balanced and on top of my game.”

authentic me.png

Today’s prayer is a Hawaiian prayer called the ho’oponopono. It is a practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. Traditionally, it is practiced by a healing priest called a kahuna lapa’au with an ill person. In modern times, it is performed with a family elder or individually. Here is a link for a guided meditation using the ho’oponopono: http://www.thereisaway.org/

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12 thoughts on “Happiness is…

  1. I think you are part of a much needed spiritual collective. This collective inspires, promotes, uplifts, heals, and gives to those in need [whether they know it or not] all over the planet. This collective asks little if nothing. This collective of people [spirits in human form] knows why they are here, and waste little if any time Being The Reason subtle changes are occurring. This collective knows it is the time, and our planet is the place to individually, yet hand in hand, BE THE [non-violent] blessed CHANGES we seek!

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    1. OMG, your words brought tears to my eyes…so beautiful. Thank you so much Jen. Thank you for your kind words. You are an inspiration, the positive and beautiful impact you have on other lives. Thank you for what you do. You, are truly amazing.

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      1. It was easy for me to write such words Tamara. Have you reread your posts lately? I had good cause. Isn’t knowing your purpose enlightening? I’m very thankful I followed my intuition and started blogging in such great company here on WordPress!!!

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