20 thoughts on “Did you know…

      1. Its not really embalming fluid, but elements that are used to make embalming fluid. I first heard it said that way. It gives more of a punch to the story. Plus its hard to forget. That day I stopped using any artificial sweetener.

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      2. If you’re interested in more information on artificial sweeteners there’s a book by Russel Blaylock called EXCITOTOXINS: A TASTE THAT KILLS. In the book, he discusses how artificial sweeteners and msg over excite nerves in the brain and kills them. He also talks about how artificial sweeteners turn into formaldehyde in the body.


      3. I had lunch the other day (Chinese Food). I believe they used MSG. I thought they had stopped using MSG – 20 years ago. Wow. My head was clogged and I felt like I was choking. My throat started to close. I thought I was having a heart attach. I did not attribute it to the food at first. My friend had a headache for the remainder of the day until 8:00 pm. Thaks for the reference book! I appreciate it. Cheers!

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      1. Yes, that is true. We have a saying in my church referring to what we eat (not including what is forbidden of course) and that is, “all things in moderation”. I think that is very wise counsel for this day and age.

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