Candle gazing is also known as Trataka or concentrated gazing, and originated as one of the 6 cleansing techniques in Hatha Yoga. Candle gazing is said to have many benefits, including: (2)

  • Improves eyesight and vision.
  • Improves concentration, intelligence and memory.
  • Excellent method as preparation for mantra meditation.
  • Enhances self-confidence, patience and willpower.
  • Develops greater work efficiency and productivity.
  • Calms the mind and provides inner peace and silence.
  • Brings greater clarity in mind and improves decision-making ability.
  • Helps to overcome mental, behavioral and emotional ailments.
  • Provides stress relief and deep relaxation.
  • Deepens the sleep and cures sleep related disorders such as headache, insomnia, nightmares, etc.

To do candle gazing, you are to light a candle on a table 3 or 4 feet in front of you. Sit in a comfortable position at eye level with the candle. (3)

  • Continue to gaze at the flame until you cannot keep your eyes open and tears start flowing. Once this happens, close your eyes.
  • When you close the eyes, you may be able to visualize an after-image of the flame with closed eyes. Try to bring this image at the point between the eyebrows at the center of the forehead (the third eye location).

It is said that you can enhance different qualities by focusing and using different colors of candles. Here is a list of different colors and the qualities they hold when used. (1)

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 8.15.55 PM.png

Below is a 14 minute guided meditation for candle gazing. ENJOY!

For more information and more detailed instructions on how to do a candle gazing meditation, follow one of the source links below.


  1. Candle Gazing Meditation – Fragrant Heart



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