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Thankful Thursday: Spring Abundance Bowl- Indian and Indian Fusion Cooking in America

I’ve made a slight change to the Thursday article-Press-it Thursday is now Thankful Thursday. The concept is still the same- reblog/press an article  of a fellow blogger. I am so happy to be part of this blogging family. It really has changed my life. – I want to share  my fellow bloggers with the world, or at least my little corner of it. So, starting today and for the next few months, all Thankful Thursday articles will come from one of my  followers.

Dear God...

I’ve gone back to the beginning of my list of followers, and chose Sandhya. Sandhya was one of the first people to follow me and has been with me ever since.

Thank you Sandhya. 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 10.56.15 AM.png


Sandhya writes the blog “Indian and Indian Fusion Cooking in America” On her blog, Sandhya shares her repertoire of personally created, tried and tested Indian and Indian fusion recipes.

Currently living in Massachusetts, Sandhya grew up in India.  She learned to cook from her mother,  a published cookbook author. Sandhya says:


She was an amazing cook, and I like to believe I inherited her passion for cooking and innovating recipes! The solid foundation I got from my mom in the culinary arts gave me the confidence to create new fusion recipes when I arrived here in America over 30 years ago.


Sandhya’s recipe, Spring Abundance Bowl is a beautiful, flavorful and super healthy dish. The recipe includes sprouted Mung beans. See her photograph below.

Mung beans belong to the same family of legumes as peas and lentils. Mung  beans have been considered a cherished food in traditional Ayurvedic diets for thousands of years. (1)

Health benefits include: (1)

  • Lower cholesterol and protect against heart disease
  • Lower high blood pressure
  • Fights cancer development
  • Prevent/treat type 2 Diabetes
  • High in protein
  • Boost immunity and protect against infections
  • Good source of vitamins and minerals, especially folate and magnesium
  • Fight obesity and aid in weight loss
  • Decrease PMS symptoms
  • Easier to digest than other beans

Mung bean nutrition information: (1)

  •  212 calories
  • 14 grams of protein
  • 15 grams of fiber
  • 1 gram of fat
  • 4 grams of sugar
  • 321 micrograms of folate (100%)
  • 97 milligrams of magnesium (36%)
  • 0.33 milligrams of vitamin b1 thiamine (36%)
  • 0.6 milligrams of manganese (33%)
  • 7 milligrams of zinc (24%)
  • 0.8 milligrams of vitamin B5 pantothenic acid (8%)
  • 0.13 milligrams of vitamin B6 (11%)
  • 55 milligrams of calcium (5%)

To see Sandhya’s recipe-follow this link to her blog:

Spring Abundance Bowl – Indian and Indian Fusion Cooking in America



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  1. My pleasure. 🙂


  2. Interesting!

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  3. Tamara,
    Thank you so much for re blogging my post. I truly appreciate your kind gesture. I am crazy about the nutritious mung beans too and try to incorporate them in our diet in many ways.
    You have a fabulous blog and I am glad that we are found each other in the blogging world and made a connection. Wishing you continued success!

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