I know I said I wasn’t going to post anything until Wednesday, and for the most part that’s true, but…

I just turned in the assignment that was due tonight and I am so relieved and happy, that I wanted to share my joy with my blogging family. It was probably the hardest assignment I’ve had so far. I am so relieved to have it done and turned in that….



Happiness Is...FINALLY...turning in one of the toughest assignments you've had so far! .

Now, my brain is fried-I am taking the rest of today and tomorrow off. I’ll see you all on Wednesday-when you’ll see my Wellness Wednesday blogs. I’ll also try to catch up on my blog reading. I know I’m behind on that, please have patience with me – THANK YOU!

I am extremely grateful for everything I have in my life (that includes all of you!) and wanted to share a VERY short prayer of thanks that I wrote.

I wish for all of you to have a wonderful and blessed evening.

Easy Dishes ToMake For Your50th BirthdayDinner Party.jpg

9 thoughts on “Who remembers this?

    1. Thank you! As relieved as I am that the assignment is behind me, I do feel proud of myself, not just for this assignment, but making it this far. It’s becoming real now, and it’s just beginning. I have begun actually seeing a practice client and it’s so exciting. As hard as the assignment was, it was a lot of fun. I now know I’m doing the right thing…for sure! 🙂

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