Today’s first “Press-it” Thursday article is brought to you by Larice from Feeding Your Beauty. Larice, 36 years “young”, is married, and mother of a rambunctious preschool age girl. Larice has degrees in Health Sciences and Therapeutic Recreation. She says that earning both degrees gave her “a better understanding of wellness as a multi-faceted, complex, and harmonious interaction of mind, body, and spirit.”  To read more about Larice, visit her ABOUT page.

Larice from Feeding Your Beauty

Larice’s HEALTHY FRUIT AND OAT CRUMBLES are the perfect addition to my continued discussion of healthy carbohydrates and sugar. The ingredients for these bars include: oat flour (ground yourself), raw sunflower seeds, coconut sugar and maple syrup, all wonderful ingredients.

I particularly like the addition of the sunflower seeds, which are very healthy. Take a look at the nutrients daily value in one serving (courtesy of World’s Healthiest Foods)

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 9.00.32 AM

Health benefits of sunflower seeds include (1):

  • Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular benefits.
  • Lower Cholesterol from phytosterols (plant compounds, similar to cholesterol)
  • Magnesium- helps to with calmer nerves, muscles and blood pressure
  • Selenium helps with cancer prevention and detoxification

So, are you anxious to see how to make these delectable bars? Visit Latrice at Feeding your beauty: Healthy Fruit and Oat Crumble Bars | Feeding Your Beauty



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